by Alfi Shipp

“Have you heard of Ill Murray?”

“Bill Murray?”

“No, Ill Murray.”

One day Ill Murray will be a name as big as that of Bill Murray, and Fugu is just the first step in that direction. Ill Murray are a garage punk 4 piece from Cambridge, set to revive our drowning music scene. Made up of ex members of Boring Girls, Tread Water and The Proles, they are Maxwell Tait, Jack Hilbert, Will Carroll and Dan Smith. Their debut EP is available on Sunday the 27th of November, but I’ve got my hands on it early to write this review.


Consisting of 5 tracks produced by good friend Jonjo Keefe (ex-Tread Water), the EP kicks off with lead track ‘Throats’ for which the video can be found on Youtube. ‘Throats’ is definitely the catchiest track on the EP, with exciting, energetic instrumentals coupled with memorable lyrics throughout including one of those stuck on your head choruses to match. The next track on the EP is titled ‘Sputnik 2’ the one guaranteed to get the crowd excited. This track is heavier and punkier than the previous, eventually descending into madness with thrashing guitar riffs and high paced drums.

Next up is ‘New Breed Of Blind’ debatably my favourite song from the EP. Imagine Bombay Bicycle Club and Pulled Apart By Horses came together to create a track, the outcome would be something similar to that of ‘New Breed Of Blind’. It begins with a catchy bass line from Will, backed up by sturdy drumming from Dan, before the guitar riff is introduced. Building up and back down again, Maxwell’s vocals then become present. The calm and composure in his voice makes for easy listening. The track then gradually reaches its climax, with the repetition of the line “I’d be happy to let you lead me” eventually resulting in the screaming of the line, which is nailed by Maxwell. It then simmers back down again before reaching its end. This is the kind of song that makes you want to get up and dance uncontrollably, not caring how much of a dick you look.

The penultimate track of the EP is the short and fast paced ‘The March King’. Although it doesn’t last very long, it is perfection within 1 minute and 42 seconds. The first half of the track is instrumental, displaying exciting and ruthless musical talent. The EP is brought to a close by one of the first tracks recorded by the band, ‘Maldon Mud Race’. This one builds up with calm and patience, beginning with a deep bass line before all of the instruments are introduced along with the vocals, to create a stunning product that perfectly rounds off the EP.

The highlight of the EP is the brilliant lyricism and vocals of frontman Maxwell Tait, which display such meaning and depth. Jonjo deserves a mention also, who has produced Fugu excellently, not over nor under producing the EP, but getting it spot on. The overall product leads me to believe that in the near future Ill Murray will be selling out venues across the country and will be something massive. It’s only a matter of time before this band explodes into one of the best Cambridge has ever seen. Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you Ill Murray. Enjoy!

“When with a Boring Girl,
Treading Water never helps”.