Home Salvation 'Dead Lovers' EP

To all intents and purposes sounding like a circa-1980’s LA rock band gatecrashing the hardcore punk scene, this band are all about attitude which is how they’ve successfully combined genres as displayed here on this EP released by Cambridgebands.com.

'Dead Lovers’ plays like a scrum between hard-riffing guitars, driving but unfussy drums and a seriously angry vocal. Ultimately it’s a clash that never gets resolved, but it’s the struggle that’s the focus here.

With glimpses of softer, harmonised vocals (on the chorus of the title track for instance), it’s clear that as the band progress, the singer may take their future songs in surprising directions like Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman or even Mike Patton.

The LA rock influence (and the most prevalent influence for that matter) is provided by the guitars – the listener is never too far away from a ripping solo and there’s a certain swagger to the overall band sound that rightfully provides balance to the confrontational vocals.

The most important thing here is that throughout the EP, the band have instantly asserted an identity. Theirs is a sound which cannot be mistaken for another band, which is pretty difficult to pull off. I look forward to hearing more from these guys and I’m intrigued to see how they will approach a full-length album. It’s something worth pondering as judging from this success it wont be long before that happens.


Home Salvation will be launching their EP ‘Dead Lovers’ at the Portland Arms in Cambridge on April 14th 2016. Admission is £7