Goldblume – ‘Go Figure’

Kicking off with ‘Bleach’, Goldblume show their performance skills across the 5 songs here, going from a whisper to a bang in single bounds. Singer Jethro Steel has a way of throwing unexpected screaming into what was (up until that point) a serene vocal performance without it sounding too daft, although it does jolt a bit.


The band remind me of a hard rock variant on circa-nineties noise-mongers like Cable with off-kilter rhythms kicked out by Tim and Grant on bass and drums respectively and a clean-tone guitar that bursts in and out randomly. Elsewhere, ‘Wisconsin’ shows a talent for dischord and final track ‘Pissing Tears’ demonstrates an ability to mellow out when required.

Lyrically there is a theme of numbers in some of the songs which suggests a whole-hearted embrace of the maths rock genre, and Jethro tends to double-track specific parts of his vocal performances to accent lyrics that suggests love for the Beastie Boys.

Overall, this is a nicely produced EP which showcases the bands talents for performance, dischord and the random factor.