GRONEMEYER- Will I ever learn

Gronemeyer is Herbert Gronemeyer. In his native Germany, he has outsold Michael Jackson, beating 'Thriller 'to the number one spot when it was released. He has totalled 13million album sales there too. No, I haven't heard of him either. I would guess listening to Radio 2 regularly might help. After all, Herbert makes mature music for mature people. This doesn't really come as a surprise as he is a mature man and, being in his 50's, appears to be feeling a bit gloomy about it.

But seriously. Released on his own Gronland label, this single sees Gronemeyer duet with Antony and the Johnson's frontman, Anthony Hegarty, on a sad, sombre and sobering journey through the mind of a man whose wife and brother both died within three days of each other. True story. Opening with the line 'Would it be so bad for my heart to break in two?', whilst 'Will I ever learn' is by no means cheerful, it is nothing short of heartfelt. Brimming with humanity, the simple use of cello and gentle piano may be conventional but the way in which both mingle with the subtly dramatic vocals ensures a respectful silence from the listener when the song draws to a close.

Taken from Gronemeyer's last LP 'I walk', which was released in September last year (and is also known as 'The English album' after he sought refuge here following the shock of his bereavement and so featuring ten songs which are English remakes of previous work), 'Will I ever learn' was actually released in July last year. However, it is fitting that I didn't receive it to review until now because it is far better suited to the quiet winter nights where being snowed in makes for a greater likelihood of introspection that Gronemeyer begs to sing along to.

Released 30th July, 2012. REPEATS mailbox needs to be emptied more regularly!

Anna C