GARUDA – The Greeks EP

By the second turn of the opening song's chorus, listeners may be slightly less shocked than on the first turn. This is to say that they will be prepared the second time around, because at first it feels like it was stapled to the preceding verse after being ripped out of another song entirely.

Whether by accident or design, Garuda have managed to harness the same sense of musical chaos that occurs whilst tuning between radio stations. As an opening track, this is genuinely befuddling.

 The Greeks, by Garuda

In stark contrast, the next two tracks show off a great post-rock band with an uncommon ability for light and shade. Track two barrels along with throbbing bass towards an unusual phonetics-based chorus and track three opens with a tense, volcanic build on a single chord after which the band execute hair-pin turns of rhythm and dynamics across 6 minutes that suggest influences of Black Sabbath.

‘The Greeks’ is a very good, very different record and sets Garuda apart from most other bands around these here parts. The first track may be understood by some better than others, but track two and three offer real rewards.