Fred's House - 'Looking Glass'

Folk quartet Fred's House are emerging as genuine talent on the local music scene. Together now for nearly 2 years and playing music venues across the county they have become a regular name with a well established fan base. The band consists of Vikki (vocals), brothers Griff (vocals/ acoustic guitar) and Gafyn (kick drum/ bass and a whole host of other percussion) and Lachy (lead guitar). Their acoustic sound with heavy kick drum backgound (Sergeant Pepper stylie) dips in and out of various genres - pop, blues, rock. Such eclectic vibes are experienced throughout their latest EP, 'The Looking Glass'.

The title song, lead vocals by Griff complimented with Vikki's voice which has a definite blues feel to it and written by Larchy (about his days working in some corporate coffee house - take it he wasn't too impressed) is fast and energetic. The listener is then treated to the extend of Vikki's vocal abilities when she belts out 'I'm Not Saying' - probably my favourite (a song about wanting time away from it all - now we've all been there!) and the beautifully composed 'The Last Thing I wanted'. Voices that compliment each other yet powerful in their own right, a lead guitarist who takes the band to another whole new dimension when he embarks on his rock solos - especially in live performances - and a man at the back multi tasking (Gafyn fulfilling every requirement of the rhythm section single-handedly), that's what you're treated to with Fred's House. The appeal of Fred's House is in their ability to write about everyday life through uncomplicated lyrics with a folk, pop, blues, rock, bit of everything vibe, leaving you singing, dancing and feeling good whatever your thing.
Fred's House are playing various local festivals throughout July including The Art Festival, Ipswich, Buckfest, Buckden, Secret Garden Party and The Cambridge Folk Festival. Or catch them at The Portland Arms on 20th July!

Lorna M