Evil Dreams
Anna C confronts her nightmares


This is the first single to be taken from this duo’s new album ‘Sounds of Shambala’. In Hindu mythology, ‘Shambala’ is looked upon as some kind of paradise. Funnily enough though, Chateau Marmont are French and so they sound like Air, but what Air would sound like if they were remixed by Rudimentals when they’re on one of their slow RnB album fillers. Citing Disclosure and AlunaGeorge as references, contemporary house music mingles with intimate modern soul, making ‘A.T.T.Y.S’ not exactly paradise then, but hedonistic enough to float my boat.

‘Sounds of Shambala’ is released on 30th March, 2015 via Chambre 404/ Sony Music/Arista.


ELSTOW: Evil Dreams

As well as for flower children everywhere, Elstow are definitely also for fans of Mazzy Star. Because Ozzy duo Jared Shaw and Chel Browne share an appreciation for the folky psychedelic pop of the sixties, and it’s harmonies, swirling guitar/tambourine combo and whimsical feel of this era that manifest here. However, far from the nightmarish atmosphere that is threatened, ‘Evil Dreams’ is romantic and delicate in ways that few bands of the moment appear to be. Also fairly upbeat- perhaps even a little ‘sunny’- Elstow are a pleasant soundtrack to a crisp winter’s sunset as the faint hint of summer is on our tongues.

Released 20th February, 2015.

LUCERN GRAZE- Stockholm 1

Stockholm-based garage rock act, Lucern Raze, is the new project from Luke of London’s Sex Beet (eh?), a band that were apparently hyped a few years ago for some bad recordings, bad recordings that got them coverage in Europe and America. But it wasn’t to be as, when recording their debut album, Luke went mental, moved to Stockholm and started up PNKSLM recordings instead.

But, anyway, what does ‘Stockholm 1’ sound like? Harking back to a shambolic era of DIY catchy beats and even catchier song titles like ‘La La No’, Lucern Graze is an abundance of three-minute tributes to dark shades, gum-popping, sixties-inspired twanging, hip-shaking goodness of the highest order. A less polished The Black Keys, a more punky Pixies- the vocals sometimes weirdly sounding like Kasabian- forthcoming single, ‘Sunshine Blues’, best focuses on their noisy mischievousness and I am somewhat excited about new guitar music again. That’s probably because their sound is vintage though. Still, what’s original these days? Lucern Graze are cool. The end.

Released 25th February, 2015.



I’m going to assume that you all know Elliot Smith. Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield clearly love him. And they’ve done a splendid job of covering Smith’s music in a sensitive and therefore simple style, keeping track’s like ‘Between the bars’ and ‘Angeles’ in the vein they should remain in- melodic, heartfelt and harmonious. Avett’s and Mayfield’s vocals compliment each other nicely in this sweet modern-folk ode to a fallen cult hero, breathing a new, different kind of life into some classic song-writing. Sometimes haunting and tingly, sometimes sloppy Americana, did this need doing? Of course not but it’s a nice touch.

Released 17th March, 2015. To be sure.


Anna C