Empress Nights - Ghost Review

Empress Nights are an electro pop three piece from Cambridge. Drawing influences from all over the
music industry, which is evident in the bands new single 'Ghost'. The Cambridge trio were surely a band that, given the individual musical talent involved, were sure to produce something brilliant. Something that would stick in your mind for longer than an hour after first listening to it, and they have done just that.

Ghost provides a hauntingly beautiful electronic backing track, combined with melodic guitar and
punchy bass lines. The beauty of the track is only complimented further by the lyrics that are sung in a voice that almost caresses and combines with the velvet nature of the track in an incredible way.


However there is something more to the song than this, the distorted nature in parts provides an indie kick that adds a fresh side to the song providing a versatile sound with something for most music fans to find pleasure in. A quality that is difficult to find amongst any bands these days.

The video is very well suited to the song, showcasing a reflection of the song in the lighting and effects that only emphasise the strengths in the song. Another thing I love about the video is the simplicity of it, one thing that is really irritating to see is a band that ruin a song with a complicated video that is of no
significance and just there to prove that they can make a video because they can. The simplicity of this video runs parralell with the simplicity of the song, which for me is what makes it watchable.

Look out for an Empress Nights' gig in Cambridge, and make sure you check out their new single 'Ghost' in the link below as well as checking them out on Facebook and Twitter! As this band has a big future ahead of them.

Ashley B