Digital By Birth - 'Noise Pollution' EP

Melting hip-hop, dance and rock influences into a crude lo-fidelity hotchpotch, Digital By Birth makes for an unpredictable listen.

The first two tracks 'Fear Machine' and 'Hold On Be Strong' bolt out of the speakers with heavy riffage and hammer-blow programmed drumming. They are lent an extra layer of attitude by the demo cassette sound quality of the recordings.

Tracks three and four, 'Candy Floss' and 'Love Close By', aren't as strong but show the outfit considering different approaches. The final
track in particular moves away from song-based structure towards dance territory.

Overall, 'Noise Pollution' has the unique charm of home recording rather than a finished product, but this emboldens them when compared with the
studio-gloss of their contemporaries. This EP will serve as a good introduction to what they do and something upon which they can further
up the stakes.