Deadcuts - ‘Summon The Witches’

Like the direct hit of a freak lightning bolt to your ear canal, Deadcuts new single crackles with an erratic and destructive energy. “Summon The Witches” follows the same lyrical path as its preceding album ‘Dark Is The Night’, often employing arcane and romantic folk-ish verse - “Summon the witches/ Through fields of fire/ Drown in the water/ Burn in the pyre” - and making it feel almost future-shock, as though the jaded beliefs and rituals of the old guard have somehow floated anew to the surface of modern urban routine.


But sonically speaking, “Witches” drags the music from the albums shadowy throb to a brightly-lit carnival of the grotesque and revels in the reveal. And it’s a thrilling performance – bookended by nihilistic sermonising (literally!), the shimmering rhythm guitar stabs and flickering hi-hat of the verse give way to a high-wire lead guitar break in the chorus that reminds of the most intense parts of the Pixies ‘Trompe Le Monde’. Whereas that album felt like a band careening off the rails, this single feels like a band fast gaining momentum - the beginning of the next chapter.


‘Summon the Witches’ is released through Speedowax on 4th May 2015

Watch the official video here: