Daddy Issues - 'So Hard / Sex On The Beach'
(Punk Fox Records - XOF006)

‘Sex on the Beach’ floats along on an ambiguously menacing guitar line, a love letter to an undefined nocturnal ocean-dweller with comically suggestive lyrical flourishes - “I see you in my nightmare/
I want to touch your slimy fin”. The descriptive verses become more romantic as the song progresses, concluding with “You’re in your clam-shell underwear, hands running through your seaweed hair’, backed by a heavenly choir that reminds of great 1960’s surf-pop records.



‘So Hard’ also displays surf chops but adheres to a classic pop style more so than the atmospheric ‘Sex on the Beach’. Again, it’s a bawdy romp with talk of 'love dripping down thighs' underpinned by
simple-but-brawny drumming and a killer chorus. Because the band’s sound is simple, Daddy Issues have room to expand on the template and it will be interesting to see what occurs next. Another fine 7" single from the Punk Fox label.