Glasgow indie label, Electric Company Records, are now one-year-old and they are celebrating with a four-track split EP celebrating the best of their city and its infamous live circuit; an opportunity to discover four noisy bands with shitty names (their words, not mine) and attitudes to match. Each track recorded in Electric Company’s studio, lending a ramshackle sound to compliment the very best sort of punk music, each band bring their own brand of songwriting and so sense of identity, be it a more formulaic garage, classic three-chord punch or experimental slacker. After all, only Secret Motorbikes would write a song called ‘Is dis 4 real’.

I saw Pearl Jam recently at Milton Keynes and, when their moshpit started, I nearly lost my bra. Although not sounding in the slightest bit grunge rock, the comparison is still that there is an edge to these bands that suggest they might take your undies too. More terrifying for some than others, let me tell you. I like this because they play it like they love it. That’s all we can want from our musicians, right?

Anna C