Commoners, peers, drunks and thieves
Anna C watches some little comets


One of this band looks like someone that I got off with a few times back when I was an idiot- someone who was a complete twat. Though I don’t know if Bellow Below are twats or not, I wouldn’t tell them to their faces because they’re from Glasgow via Ayrshire. So they might hurt me. But I actually like them anyway, according to this EP. Mathy and therefore unconfined by traditional song structure, Bellow Below are technically interesting and fearless in their approach to songwriting in a way that deserves respect, attention and perhaps even a big whoop. Curiously compelling. We’ll see what happens next.


Released 12th November, 2014.


The Sanguine EP is the last in Little Comets’ trilogy of EPs. I hope you heard the first two. I didn’t. I’ve dipped in and out of this band but nothing’s caught my attention. Until now. Opening with the simplistic, hooky pop of ‘Ex Cathedra’, here they sound a bit like The Guillemots, vocal melodies soaring and spurring the song forwards, also borrowing from the recent success of bands like The 1975, singer Robert sometimes sounding even forcing a comparison to The Police. The Geordie trio have a well-deserved following for their heartfelt and personal style, at times even reverent in the almost hymn-like ‘The Assisted’ which will no doubt bring a hush to even the most chattering of crowds when they do their next tour. Here’s hoping at least.

Released 3rd November, 2014

THE TALKS- Commoners, peers, drunks and thieves

The Talks are the perfect antidote to wet, windy and cold days. Perhaps an obvious thing to say about a ska band with a classic bouncy and fun sound, it’s no wonder that here is a band who has had support from Less Than Jake and Big Cheese magazine, amongst others. Hailing from Yorkshire, friends of The Talks will be wondering which of the title’s categories they fall into, following the revelation that this is their most personal work to date. Always up-tempo and standing shoulder to shoulder with their contemporaries, if you’re looking for a bit of fun, this is an album and band worth perusing.

Released 24th November, 2014.


‘You’ve got your lovely long hair’, opens this bass-heavy song from Aussie indie heroes, San Cisco, in what is a fine indie pop love/lust ditty that doesn’t pretend to be any more than just that. Breathy vocals and a beat to dance to makes this fun, exciting and soulful enough to prick an ear and provoke the ripple of a shimmy, in the same way that contemporaries ‘We Have Band’ and ‘Many Things’ have been making waves for their crowd-pleasing unashamedly poppy assault on their adoring public. Their new album is expected early next year. Lovely. That is all.


NIGHTS- Hey Love Hello

Commercial in the extreme, UK quartet Nights aren’t going to win brownie points with the obscure indie kids in the vicinity but those that like Jason Mraz, Bedouin Soundclash and Xavier Rudd’s school of heartwarming popular music will wet their pants about this. Singalong chorus. Check. Jaunty rhythm. Check. Cheerful romantic theme. Check. You’ve been warned. I’ll be singing it for a few days though. And I’m not ashamed either. All together now. ‘Heeeeyyyyy love’.

Released 3rd November, 2014

Anna C