Powerful and commanding, Contours combine angular riffs with die-hard vocals to champion the sort of hard-hitting man-rock that would make the likes of Biffy Clyro wish they were about 15-years younger.

Released on Cambridge label, Morph Recordings, and produced by Matty Moon (Lonely The Brave/Esquelito) to boot, it is quite hard to believe that Contours have only just come of age, then. Sounding advanced beyond their years, as a debut release, ‘Circus’ is mature and dramatic in all the right places, juggling good math rock anthems with post hardcore punk rock, the latter drawing upon local heroes of times gone by, The Mono Effect or Phinius Gage, for a ballsy attitude and sense that, while they may not be reinventing British rock, they still have the highest of standards and the most fun achieving them.

Probably best demonstrated in the title track- a familiar mix of crunching guitars, punchy, urgent melody and wilful self belief, which ends in the obligatory but gloriously huge arena-style finale- while the later tracks on this EP are more of a sideshow transition of (not always successful) experimental songwriting to something more promising, the foundations for ‘Circus’ make Contours very much an attraction to look forward to hearing more of.

Released 23rd May, 2011 and is officially launched at the Portland Arms Thursday, 26th May, 2011.

Anna C