Broadway Danny Rose
"All I Wanna Do, Is Share My Bird With You (This Christmas Time)

Starting with a chirpy guitar that sounds not unlike the intro to the classic ‘Jingle Bells Rock’, a chiming xylophone refrain, and then a full band in the first 11 seconds of the song proves that Broadway Danny Rose mean business this Christmas.


“All I Wanna Do” hits all the beats of a festive fave without compromising the bands rock credentials, much in the same way as Slade’s evergreen “Merry Xmas Everyone”. So, as ever we get Joe Bell’s recognisable baritone voice and James Tyrell's deft guitar work, but the lyrics really do the heavy lifting to create that yule atmosphere with a simple tale of munificence, baring lines as direct as “If it's all giving and not receiving, that’s alright with me”.

In keeping with the lyrical theme, the proceeds from the Bandcamp sale of this single go to local Cambridge service Jimmy’s Night Shelter, which provides support to the homeless. Any budding Scrooge-a-likes out there should take note of this festive refrain from the Broadway Danny Rose, convert to benevolence and spare themselves a paranormal ordeal.

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