Broadway Danny Rose – ‘Passive Aggressive Post-Its’


Broadway Danny Rose have a sound that cannot be deftly summarised but is recognisable as their own nonetheless. Their new EP opens with ‘Rabbit Foot’ - a whirl of skewwhiff r’n’b riffage that wouldn’t be out of place on a Dr.Feelgood record, broken up by an untypical chord progression on the instrumental break that gives off surfy vibes. Along the way we get grungey with ‘Jeffrey’s Place’, jangly in a Wedding Present-type way on ‘Organised Sports’, and finish on the slow-burning country-tinged ballad ‘Carrie Simmons’.

Artists covering a lot of stylistic ground like this can sometimes sound aimless, hoist by their own petard. Not so in this case, thanks to the strong presence of the performers. James Tyrell has a gutsy and jagged guitar playing style that sits well throughout, and singer Joe Bell shows considerable range. His near-baritone croon of ‘Carrie Simmons’ (think Tindersticks) plays in direct contrast to the high-vibrato bleat of ‘Rabbit Foot’ (think Jello Biafra) and yet it sounds like the same guy, which is harder to execute than one might imagine.

The band's performing strengths are served well by a professional but unfussy production. Overdubs appear to be used sparingly as the song arrangements feel like they have been licked before they even set a (rabitt’s) foot inside the studio. This is a very strong EP from a band who are always entertaining.


Available from 24th February through Bandcamp

Broadway Danny Rose will be appearing at the R*E*P*E*A*T Night at The Portland Arms on March 11th, details here