Last time I wrote about what biscuit B for Bs might be compared to, so I think it’s more than appropriate and predictable to liken this release to a cute, furry bear-based mammal. While the decision was hard, the best quote I can provide is: ‘B for Bs are like a zoo-based panda watching porn to try and inspire a little bit of naughtiness, a paradox of determination and laziness’. Or perhaps apathy? You’re welcome.

Anyway, now that visual is in your head, ‘Vanity Dare’ is more poppy than B for B’s previous offering, yet still with a vocal from Cambridge musical tart, Richard Archer, that sounds like he can’t quite be arsed to try too hard (like the panda). Having said that, the quartet actually appear to be very focused, all said and done- their names frequently emblazoned across ‘What’s On’ posters for the few Cambridge venues that actually remain these days.

And, in a time where people are either bombing the shit out of each other or scoffing mince pies in blissful ignorance, this track kind of sits comfortably somewhere between annihilation and overindulgence, if you can make the distinction between the two. The title track is exactly two minutes and one seconds of slacker rock and roll riffage, lo-fi production letting the songs talk for themselves, knowingly capturing a recently fashionable sound, that of worn-out cassette tape charm. And it’s a sound that can be bit sexy too, particularly on final song, ‘Delete as appropriate’, written by drummer, Gaz. Yes, there’s some masterful, slightly dominating man-rock here that is unexpected after the earlier tracks. Indeed, thanks for the smut. Please keep doing what you’re doing (as long as you’re not doing what the panda’s doing. That’s just rude).

Available to download for free:


Anna C