But what biscuits would bears eat? Probably Garibaldis? And if this band was a biscuit, what kind of biscuit would they be? Possibly somewhere between a crumbling discarded Rich Tea and a flavoursome Party Ring. I say this because B for B aren’t necessarily what you desire but on the other hand they go with a formulaic approach to song-writing nodding back to a classic time. Just with the attitude of, the attitude of… well, a Party Ring. So you could look at them this way; they are either tasteless, classless and they don’t care if nobody likes their self-proclaimed ‘lo-fi alt pop’, or they are a brash explosion of colour that are going to make you salivate a bit. Or both.

Anyway, the Cambridge-based quartet’s name doesn’t reflect the stark garage punk rock metal they do so well but that’s good to hear really. A few harmonies sweeten the mix that is otherwise scathing; lead track ‘Freak Control’ is short and to the point in an ode to all the sell-outs of the world. And it’s bands like this- hard-working musicians that do it for the hell of it- that feels joyous to listen to. I think they would be exciting to watch live. Sorry if this review didn’t tell you all that much about them. All I know is that I’m pretty hungry now.

Anna C