(the Real True Leader of the Rolling Stones) /Johnny Thunders was a Human Being.

I thoroughly enjoyed last years album by the Bermondsey Joyriders "Noise and Revolution" and now comes a taster for their third album "Flamboyant Thugs", due out in late May.

The band retains their previously line up with Gary Lammin returning on vocals and guitar. Gary is as close as you get to punk royalty, having been pursued by Malcolm McLaren to audition for the Sex Pistols, later produced by the Clash's Joe Strummer in Little Roosters and a part of the formative years of Oi! legends Cock Sparrer. Add to him Martin Stacey (ex of Chelsea) on bass and drummer Chris Musto (previously of Johnny Thunders' Oddballs) and the band have certainly paid their dues over the years.

The single is in homage to two of the bands heroes, with opener a eulogy to Lewis Brian Hopkins Jones the founder, and original leader, of the Rolling Stones. A rousing intro integrates elements of Tom Robinson's "2, 4, 6, 8, Motorway" with Sham 69's "If the Kids are United", as the band praise the tragic figure. Jones' pivotal role in the early years of the Rolling Stones is often airbrushed out in favour of the Jagger/Richards combination and, interestingly, the band have drawn inspiration for the song from Terry Rawlings book "Who Killed Christopher Robin". Concerning various theories regarding the untimely and ultimately unexplained death of this icon, the book was the basis for the film "Stoned". And, to add a certain amount of synchronicity, Rawlings also produced the promo video for the number.


"Johnny Thunders Was A Human Being" uses the great mans own song titles to relate the flaws in his character that would eventually lead to his own demise. So, over a Rolling Stones style "Brown Sugar" riff, I made out interwoven track titles from both his New York Dolls and Heartbreakers days such as "Frankenstein", "Jet Boy", "Subway Train", "Bad Detective", and "Mystery Girls", amongst others. A unique way to acclaim a unique guitarist and made even more poignant given the bands drummers past connection to Thunders.

Whilst there are several months before the full album is released I think its safe to say that, if the standard of songs is anywhere akin to these, the release should build nicely on the foundation set down by their previous long players.