Last autumn, Brooklyn electronica/indie pop trio, Au Revoir Simone, released their fourth album ‘Move in spectrums’. Apparently it was their best record ever, so good that they decided to get a load of people to remix the songs on it and release it this summer. Featuring new versions ranging from disco to dancefloor anthem- courtesy of Jack Savidge (Friendly Fires), Babe and NZCA/Lines and the like- I haven’t heard the originals but perhaps if I had then I’d wish they sounded like this anyway.

Bang on the money, ‘Spectrums’ takes this listener back to Tottenham Court Road when I was 21, dancing at what I thought was the coolest place in the world, some American guy with really bleached hair hanging off my every word. This music is the sort, if you’re that way inclined, that accompanies the endless nights atop a plinth in the middle of the room; offers the faint hint of freedom, the audible bubbling of eternal yoof’s elixir. I wonder when it becomes socially unacceptable to mingle with the youngsters. Not yet. Just something to dance your socks off to, really. And pose. A lot.

Released 25th August, 2014

Anna C