86 Floors from Heaven
Anna C reviews some cuckoos and pigeons

SCOTT MATTHEWS- 86 floors from heaven

This song was never going to be a barrel of laughs. ’86 floors from heaven’ is a song written about Evelyn McHale, a young woman that jumped from the Empire State Building in 1947, ending her life in what has become an iconic photoshoot- her body resting on a crumpled Sedan car.

Using the mixture of sadness and inspiration he felt upon seeing the image of her death, Mr Matthews’ melancholy poem documents the journey of a wandering soul from this side to the next, capturing a delicately uplifting mood that is soothing and mournful. Murmuring soft vocals and piano set the scene in a track that is classic Scott Matthews storytelling and educational to boot. Enjoy.

Taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Home Part 1’, released 10th November, 2014.




Stand-out track from this EP and recent single, ‘What’s out there?’ sounds like it should be in an advert. The best kind of electro/indie, lone female Cuckoolander has created here the sort of strong, sassy and sexy music only achievable through a heavy use of bass guitar, big beats and complimenting pop melody.

The product of a musical family -and citing her Mum as her biggest influence- many other references through the years include anything from jazz and soul to grunge. However, currently best compared to fellow synth-loving lovelies, The Naked and Famous, or even Chvrches, Cuckoolander is also fresh from supporting The Libertines at their recent Ally Pally shows and is now opening for them on their European dates, so you get a sense of the sort of pigeonhole she fits in. This eponymous debut release also features the soulful ‘All The Way’ and is apparently a very real slice of this young lady’s dark side, with Tarantino-esque riffs demonstrating her love of the fantastical. One to watch. Oh yes!

Released 12th October, 2014


The main jist to BYOLOLO seems to be a chant of ‘Go and fuck the shit out of your dreams’. Well, why the hell not, eh? Another question- what does BYOYOLO stand for? Taken from their second album, ‘Live It Up Before You Die It Up!’ (which will see its full UK release on Monday 24th November, year of our Lord 2014 through Fierce Panda) here we have the self-proclaimed ‘sweatiest band in the world’ creating an exuberant masterclass in bleepy electronic melody that MTs, CSS and the less abbreviated The Go Team only wish they’d attended- a rousing masterclass during which band members rub themselves against fans, who are probably wearing something suitably flamboyant for the occasion.


Terror Pigeon!- (yes, everything they do has an exclamation mark!)- are the school choir to end all school choirs! (see what I did there!). Here to teach you a new mantra- and appointing Nashville’s Neil Fridd as leader of their ridiculously sublime cult- they thrive on facts like: This track features a weird guitar solo played by the former drummer of No Doubt! As old Gwen would say, ‘what you waiting for?’ TP! are not here forever, but they are here for NOW! Exclamation mark! Another exclamation mark! You get the idea. Ahem. ! ! ! ! ! Someone send help…!


THE HILARY REYNOLDS BAND- The miles ahead of us

Hmmm, I wonder what the lead singer of this band is called? Droll, I know. Anyway, writing classic, warm-your-cockles-round-the-campfire type tunes, The HRB claim to have risen from obscurity to sharing stages with Norah Jones. Following this, they appear to then have written a song that sounded like Norah Jones, called it ‘Pretending I’m in love’ and stuck it on this very album.

So, heavily influenced by on-trend genres of country and folk then- and sometimes giving the nod to pop, jazz and rock- the quintet’s traditional style also largely compares to bigger acts like The Lumineers, Little Big Town and, in one song, Evanescence, and lesser-known artists like Lindi Ortega or Fred’s House. Inspired by nature and real life- not least the recent loss of her mother to breast cancer- Hilary and her merry, er, band perform songs that have an earthy, familiar feel and are often romantic in theme to the point that they could quite easily form a teen-movie soundtrack or at least one for a Farrelly Brothers romcom. With a production so understated yet with songwriting so commercially appealing, while ‘The miles ahead of us’ will not blow your mind, it might just touch your heart. Aw.

Released 3rd November, 2014.

By Anna C