The 1975
Notes On A Conditional Form


Notes On A Conditional Form (another lengthy album title) is the 4th and last album for a while from The 1975. It is one of the longest and most diverse albums that they have released, 22 tracks long with genres ranging from Country to Dancehall. I would arguably say that although this album is not conceptually as inspired as ABIIOR (A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships), it makes up for this through its take on multiple genres and sub-genres. After listening, I couldn’t help but think that the record (as per usual with the band) is too bloated. This album could have been a perfect album if it had a few tracks cut out.

Despite that, their songwriting and production is the best that it has ever been.

Below are a few points I felt were necessary to mention about the songs that I thought stood out.

Yeah I Know / Frail State Of Mind - These tracks on the album really show what Matty was trying to achieve (“Garage beats and driving at night down the M25"). I feel that ‘Yeah I Know’ is perhaps one of the best arranged songs by them. The production choice and samples really shine through, sounding like a great mix of Travis Scott, Burial, and Boards Of Canada. Matty’s accent also shows, which I like. Frail State Of Mind is an interesting take on anxiety and its stages, which I feel is a main underlying point in this album.

Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy) - The 1975 show their love of Kanye with the intro of this track, and includes No Rome’s flow on Cashmoney (makes sense as Matty and George co-wrote it).

Streaming - The Brian Eno theme continues from ABIIOR, beautiful chaos. It reminds me of HNSCC, going back to their ambient roots.

Roadkill - A great blend between Country and Pop - I don’t like country music so this is saying something! Now one thing to mention is the controversy of Matty saying f*g. I think as it was speaking in context it shouldn’t be shunned as it is a referential lyric about his experience in America. I do like the self referential lyrics (“If you never eat you’ll never grow” from ‘Robbers’).

Guys - A fitting end to an era, the song about how the band is the best thing to ever happen to Matty. What he may not know is that many people feel that they are the best thing to happen to them. Not sure using ‘wetting my eyes’ is cool. In ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’ I gave it a pass, but please stop trying to make it a thing.

Birthday Party - Another Country track (guitar slides, banjo, acoustic guitar), it’s well produced with a punchy beat. The first verse is about drug addiction, and the rest of song is explaining how he’s kicked his habit. He needs other things to get involved in to fill that void. He turns to pop culture such as memes, makes sense as he is one himself. Fears loss of control (“cant be any kissing”) when on drugs and hints how relationship may have been immature, but he has his own issues as well. Really shows his normality and the letting go of his ego in this track.


The End (Music For Cars) - Strange how its near the beginning, but an interesting piece. In context with the rest of the album it would have made more sense in ABIIOR. I do like the cadence at the end which I feel is fitting for the title.

Overall, I feel they have mastered the multi genre style they are known for and the production quality is excellent. However, some tracks should have been taken out and perhaps put on a B sides album. The tracks that are good really shine bright, but they are clouded by the dull ones. My biggest disappointment are the acoustic tracks (just boring and the same playing style as every other 1975 acoustic track), and the 90’s sounding stuff, especially Me & You Together Song (Literally like Busted). 8/10

Favourite tracks - Yeah I Know, Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy). I Think There’s Something You Should Know. Roadkill. If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know).

Least favourites - Playing On My Mind, Shiny Collarbone (good for live though I bet), What Should I Say. Me & You Together Song.