We Love Us
Manic Street Preachers on Radio One FM
Reprinted from R*E*P*E*A*T Issue 9
Autumn 1997

Mark Radcliffe and Lardy Boy's totally original Radio One FM Superstar Quiz (with its even more original theme tune!) finally came home to roost when The Manics were the contestants. How does your knowledge of the band's history compare with that of James, Nicky and Sean? Play the game below to see if you too could have won a foot spa.


JAMES was welcomed back after his last expletive ridden visit to the programme.

1) Name the photographer responsible for the pictures on the sleeve of 'Gold Against The Soul'.

2) Name he 3 London venues you played in December 1996.

3) Name the last 4 tracks on 'Generation Terrorists'.

4) Who played keyboards on 'Motorcycle Emptiness'?

5) Who did you share the front cover of the NME with on 11th May 1996?

James' answers

1. James replied Mitch Ikeda and was right.

2: He got this one right too : Brixton Academy, Shepherd's Bush Empire and The Forum.

3) Another correct answer 'Damn Dog', 'Crucifix Kiss, 'Methadone Pretty' and 'Condemned to Rock'n'RoIl) although

Radio I FM tried to deny him by quoting the tracks on the Japanese version (i.e 'Democracy Coma' instead of 'Damn Dog')

4) James' first mishap, and the second time he swore on prime time radio. The answer of course Richard ( "Fuckin' Hell") Cottle, " the son of Gerry Cottle from the circus", apparently.

S) The second blunder. Despite his protestations, the answer is Louise Wener i.e. the issue after The Brats.



SEAN chatted with Mark about Nicky's love of golf, admitted he already had a foot spa and then answered.

1) Where are these lyrics from : I repent , I am sorry, everything is falling apart / Houses as ruins and gardens as weeds'?

2) Which football team did Nicky have a trial for after he captained the Welsh under 16s in 1984?

3) What is James' date of birth?

4) Where did you play your first London gig?

5) What number did 'A Design For Life' debut at?

Sean's answers

1) Sean guessed "Small Black Flowers". The answer "This is Yesterday.”

2) This was easy : Arsenal.

3) Easy too. Sean and James are cousins. The date is 21.2.69.

4) With clues about horses, Sean eventually got a point for finally getting this : The Horse And Groom, Great Portland Street.

5) Pimpsy! Number 2.




Nicky endured a stiff interrogation about his golfing habits( "the supreme test of the Intellect" or "the way to spoil a good walk" depending on whether you believe Nicky or Mark) and dodgy livers before answering.

1) What song are these lyrics taken from : 'No innocent exit when hope dies / And claustrophobia buys my mind / I ran to breathe contagious lies /
No reason for just living life'?

2) When you played Downing College's May Ball at Cambridge University, how much did the tickets cost?

3) On April 19th, 1991, you played a support gig for First Offence in Manchester, what was the venue?

4) Name the poet and poem printed on the back of 'Gold Against The Soul'.

5) What was the price tag on Jenny Saville's painting 'Strategy' which was featured on the cover of The Holy Bible'?

Nicky's answers

1) No problem. "Condemned to Rock'n'Roll".

2) Nicky knew it would be "a lot" and guessed “£200 or £250". The answer, however,was a mere £150 [and I heard it going on from my bedroom but couldn't get in - still bitter Ed]

3) Nicky answered correctly "it was at The Boardwalk - and they were crap!"

4)'Song For The Something' by Primo Levi was enough to get Nick the points, although its official title is 'Song Of Those Who Died In Vain'.

5) On Radcliffe's suggestion ("we're fed up of tie breakers, so try and get this one wrong"), Nicky guessed wrongly at $15,000 - while the true price is, of course, $30,000.


So, James and Nick ended up with 3 points each. Sean was the lucky recipient of a second foot spa, to go with his non existent double bass drum pedal. Well done Sean! And if any of you lot think you could have done bettor, then you really are sadder thon us!!

“Only those who do nothing make no mistakes” Conrad

Thanks to Fiona for sending in the cassette of this and proof reading it in Autumn 1997 and to OneNote for extracting the text 23 years later.