Strawberry Stories
Strawberry fair 2016

On June 4th Cambridge Love Music Hate Racism hosted a small stage at Strawberry Fair. Along with promoting young and up and coming bands from the locality, the area was also used as a campaignimng centre by a range of groups. It was central in organsiing the Convoy to Calais, with many people donating cash and goods for the enormous convoy, which set off from Cambridge 2 weeks later.

Here we print some of the comments we have since received about our stage and area.


Thank you so much for all your hard work organising the Love Music, Hate Racism stage yesterday. Alfie & his band had a phenomenal time! It was a great opportunity to play out of doors in that setting! The stage looked really amazing - you had gone to so much trouble! 

Alfie really enjoyed it - a great experience & opportunity for them all! The standard of the bands was very high.

Collecting for Calais

Really hope you raised some good funds for the convoy to Calais!

Bridget K, mother of Alfie, 12, When the Sun Sleeps

"The Love Music, Hate Racism stage gave us a great starting opportunity for our band and a platform to build on for future gigs. Mr Rose was extremely helpful and it was a great experience!"

Alfie, 12, guitar and vocals, "When the Sun Sleeps"

Thanks so much for organising for the boys from "When the Sun Sleeps" to play at Strawberry Fair today.  They really enjoyed it and we'd like to thank you for all the effort you went to for them


I've been going to the fair for over a decade and have been fortunate enough to play a few sets on the odd occasion. I have to say that the LMHR stage was brilliant. Offered the vibe the fair has always emitted - open, tolerant and friendly. Highly recommended. Thanks for having me!

James White

Thanks ever so much for organising it and giving the boys the opportunity to play - it is much appreciated! Thanks for the photos too.

Gillian W

We had a lot of fun playing the Love Music Hate Racism stage and it was all for a great cause. The atmosphere was buzzing; many passers by stopped to watch. The quality of all the acts who appeared on the stage was extremely high, as was stage management. Although the stage was small, the gig was still fun to play - it felt very intimate and enchanting. The stage was a worthy competitor to the larger stages around. Overall, the experience was very enjoyable and we believe that the stage and others like it are an essential part of Strawberry fair.


Thank you so much for putting together another fantastic gig at the 'Love Music Hate Racism' stage this year at the Strawberry Fair. I know that Johnnie really appreciated this chance to perform with his band, and I really enjoyed cheering him on. This is a really important opportunity for all the young musicians perform and share their passion and talent for music. I hope to see the same again next year!

Alex, mother of Johnnie, 13, The Batts

Hi Richard,
Thanks very much for giving a platform to our young bands.  The ones I saw were fantastic!

Sheanna (mum of Jordan – 12 year old drummer - When the Sun Sleeps)

Silent Whispers

We really enjoy playing on the Love Music Hate Racism stage at the Strawberry Fair. It gives us and other emerging bands an opportunity to show off our musical abilities and participate in what is a great festival. We think that Love Music Hate Racism is a great message and has a important presence at the Strawberry Fair.

Thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity to play, we really appreciate it.

Can't wait to play next year!

Eternal Remedy, aged 12-13

The Love Music Hate Racism stage gave us one of our biggest crowds yet! Loved the energy of the Strawberry Fair, and glad to support the charity. It's such a privilege to be given an opportunity for our music to be heard and also be part of an event that does such meaningful humanitarian work. Our thanks to the Fair, the Audience and Richard for giving us our first two gigs.

Thanks again for allowing us to play! We always enjoy the Strawberry Fair.


The Under 18s stage was packed with energy and originality. The swift change over from one act to the next added to the incredible sense of getting quality and variety within a short space of time. The cause helping to raise the profile for refugees was admirable and we all felt really glad to be a part of this. For the bands involved being a part of this thriving group of teenagers allows them to cross over and watch each other’s acts and to get to know and support each other. It’s also a chance for Under 18s at the Fair to engage with bands of their own age and to feel a part of the Under 18 Cambridge music scene, broadening their musical taste to include more alternative, punk, and Indie rock. It was a great experience and a very memorable one – many thanks to Richard Rose for putting it all together.

Christine, mother of Louis from Maverick

Thank you to you for all the hard work that you put into supporting these young bands and the LMHR stage at Strawberry fair . Without this confidence boost and enthusiasm i am sure it would be a lot harder for them to feel relaxed and in a position to express their talents . They are the future of the independent live music scene. 
Small acorns will become oak trees!

Regards Mark (comenting on behalf of Stormdreamer)

It was our first gig and it felt great to be on the stage at Strawberry Fair. .  We'd love to play there again next year.

Joe Smith, 12, of When the Sun Sleeps

I very much enjoyed playing at Strawberry Fair on the Love Music Hate Racism stage. It was for such a good cause and I strongly believe in it. To play on stage in front of many people was a fantastic experience and our first outdoor gig. Richard put so much work into supporting us and his love for music is clear to everyone. We are very grateful to have played on this stage and the atmosphere was electric!

Lewis, Deep City

Well I personally thought that when the opportunity to play at the stage was a great way, not only to get our music heard on a fun and chilled out platform, but it was also a really good way to reflect on how there's a whole lot that can be done in the name of good by playing on a stage such as this which promotes such a positive message, and to be a part of that is always good opportunity and always a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Charlie, Matty and the Bullsharks


It was great to have our Palestine Solidarity stall at Strawberry Fair this year and we would like to thank the organisers for giving us this opportunity.

Scarecrow Corner was busy and we chatted to a constant stream of visitors to our stall from a variety of backgrounds.  It gave us the opportunity to talk to new people about the aims of our group which are to support justice and equal rights for Palestinian people, many of whom live under military occupation, or are refugees.

A number of people signed a petition calling on HP to withdraw support for security equipment which is used to stop the free movement of Palestinians living in the West Bank. We also sold Palestinian T-shirts and Zatoun goods which support Palestinian producers.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day! 

Richard H, Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Group 

"Many thanks for organising the opportunity for Alfie & his mates to play in their band, 'When the sun sleeps' at Strawberry Fair this June. It was a great democratic learning experience for them, helping to build their confidence & play in the open air in front of a wide audience! Loved the work you'd put into the stage & the diverse musical styles we saw perform! Great chilled vibe & fun experience for a very worthwhile cause! Thanks for all your hard work"

Bridget, mum of Alfie of "When the Sun Sleeps"


It was good to speak with new people at the very first CAMomentum stall at Strawberry Fair. We were able to discuss Momentum’s aims with some who knew little about it, as well as meeting a number of Momentum members from other parts of the country interested in sharing experiences. A Corbyn supporter from Wales was particularly keen to discuss how the movement is developing and what’s likely to happen next. We had very positive reactions from the people we spoke to, with many signing up to keep in touch with the local group. It’s not often that you get the chance to combine campaign work with relaxation but the sun came out and everyone was able to enjoy some fantastic afternoon music from young performers at the LMHR stage opposite. All in all a great experience. Thanks so much to the LMHR crew for organising.

Penny Wilson & Christine Pettengell - Cambridge Area Momentum

Pix by Rosey and Christine - many more here

Thanks to all the bands who played, the campigners who campaigned, those who donated to the convoy, the audiences who supported the acts, all the stewards and crew, and of course the incredible organisers of Strawberry fair for making this all possible.

Before and after...