Bear Pit:
R*E*P*E*A*T Lockdown Tea Party Play List
May 3rd 2020

A selection of the tunes we've been playing at our weekly online virtual tea parties, follow us on Facebook to join in!

Lovely Eggs- Bear Pit
Their new album release tour has been postponed due to the virus, but I Am Moron is available now from friendly record stores or online. Here's their Bear Pit

Sylvette - Memories
Sylvette are a 5 piece art rock band from Manchester, who our tea party regular Carwyn hopes to hang out with when he heads to the City. Unconventional song structures, surreal lyrics, favourites of New Order's Phil Cunningham.

Ratbags - Zoe Can't Skate
First coming to our attention through playing with the incredible Gaffa Tape Sandy and Skeggs, Bristol's Ratbags describe themselves as"kinda punk, kinda garage, kinda pop, kinda not".

Porij - I Like That
Another band from England's second city, "The Manchester band most likely to make you throw some serious shapes" according to the Manchester Evening News.

Windshake - Must Have Been Young
Bristol / Swansea based Windshake hit us up with some Psychedelic Rock'n'Roll as chosen by Kaz and Allen of Creature Sound.

The Lounge Society Generation Game
Heard on a random 6Music listen, Lounge Society boast that "While some bands make music that pats you on the back, The Lounge Society make music that kicks you in the teeth - just like nature intended."

Sweet Trip - Chocolate Matter
Shoegazey beats and electronic experimentation combine to create otherworldly but very listenable soundscapes. From San Francisco.

The Larks - MaggieMaggieMaggiePutOutOut
Once described as like James Brown covering the Ramones, or was it the other way around? Any similarity to a recently released seditious track from a Swansea supergroup is entirely non coincidental.

Angelica - Why Did You Let My Kitten Die?
Aiming for some sort of symmetry in this playlist, this wonderfully infectious lament of lost trust features a Lovely Egg in an earlier yolk ...

Tundra Featuring
B.U.H, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Kulk and Seymour Quigley-
They Want Us To Die

We can hardly not mention this powerful rage against a government willing to sacrifice its population in the pursuit of profit and power. Written and recorded just before the pandemic, its grooves will get you moving just as its lyrics get you fuming. Blue Flexi Vinyl version available from R*E*P*E*A*T bandcamp. Profits to local foodbanks. Who don't want you to die...

Honourable Mentions
The Goob (movie), Hull post punkers Auto Suggestion on soundcloud and our debut R*E*P*E*A*T release from way back in 1996 but still sounding perfect, Freeboy's Patrick's Got Me Down

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