R*E*P*E*A*T Play List #2
Chosen by R*E*P*E*A*T's Swansea based writer, graphic designer and Instagram guru, Dom Waters.
6th August 2019

Migas 2000 - The Liminanas

We kick off with the sexiest of my selections. Migas 2000 is the very smooth, very French track from garage band The Liminanas. Best listened to when you want to feel like the coolest person alive strutting down the street, the combination of nonchalant monologue and slick riff on repeat makes for a simple yet effective study in cool.

Beehive - Gaffa Tape Sandy

Up next is a track from Brighton / BSE band Gaffa Tape Sandy. A track that feels loose and in the moment; it sounds like angsty freedom on tape. I like the way they play with the pacing of it most. Taking it from 0 to 60 and vice versa, the constantly evolving intensity in the track allows for each nugget of the song to be properly appreciated without becoming white noise. Perfect for you indie heads out there, with a bit of grunge flavour mixed in for good measure.

Gaffa Tape Sandy Just another Gaffa Tape Sandy stage invasion
Hunter Club, BSE, 5.5.18

Sailin' on - Bad Brains

Bad Brains, What can I say aside from its fucking Bad Brains? Sailin’ On is a go to track if I'm in a rush, because it really does just throttle everything up to a million. I'ts fast and thrashy, yet with memorable melody in the vocals. Fantastic, kick ass, it's Bad Brains.

Mood Light - The Rotanas

Cardiff Gritpop powerhouse Rotanas with their newest track, Mood Light. The stupidly catchy chorus has had me catching myself humming it everywhere I go, and for that it deserves a shout out. I caught The Rotanas supporting Motel Thieves a few weeks ago, and if you’re liking Mood Light you’ll really love their live shows. It's worth it for the genuinely engaging performance. (see my review of Motel Thieves for more of that ;) )

Hammer I Miss You - Jay Reatard

Hammer I Miss You from the late Jay Reatard. Best listened to when it's cranked as loud as it can go. The electronic guitar fuzz is so simple, and that's part of the charm; no bells and whistles - simply good fun. My go to song before a gig, this is a song that knows how to get you hyped with a fat riff that hits like a sledgehammer.

Walking With Thee - Clinic

One of the first Bizarre sounding groups I got into. Clinic sound like how David lynch looks. I honestly have no clue why I love this track so much; I think it’s just because of how strange it makes me feel. Not quite like other stuff I’d heard at the time and a bit insane sounding to-boot, Clinic are wicked. An electric organ loosely smashing out crunchy chords, it sounds like Suicide with a touch more melody.

Jesus I was Evil - Darcy Clay

Recorded in a bedroom on a four track recorder, Darcy Clays Jesus I was evil is a chaotic bundle of unhinged angst. As with Clinic, I'm not sure what it is that I like about this track. I fell in love with it at about the same time as ‘Walking With Thee’, so maybe it was part of my phase of liking bands that sounded a bit ‘not right in the head’. With Clinic and Darcy, there are no rules to their songs, especially with Darcy. Following no discernible structure, it has a perfect sloppiness to it that adds personality without detracting from quality.

Cannon - The White Stripes

From their often unloved debut album, Cannon captures the Detroit garage noise that The White Stripes used to churn from their amps before stadiums were chanting Seven Nation Army every weekend. Despite it certainly being garage rock, the Blues influence of musicians such as Son House are tangible. If you just listen to this track and Jack's cover of Death Letter Blues from ‘De Stijl', it’s almost seems like Cannon is Jack trying to learn Son’s song, not quite getting there, and so just going off and doing his own thing instead. If you like this, then check out more of his early stuff with the Upholsterers or another big influence on White, The Milkshakes/Thee Headcoats.

The Bully - Richard Swift

Next up listen to Richard Swift’s beautiful fuzzy rant at a dude leaning on his car, all to the sound of old doowop piano. From a genuinely exceptional EP; if you like the general vibe of this song but aren't keen on the monologue style vocals, I would completely recommend you check out the other tracks, because Swift is too fantastic to pass up on.

Straight Lines - Shopping

See shopping, expect well constructed messiness. Carrying a fast and loose punk feel in the guitar, a jazz inspired melody and an overall sound that evokes funk - if you're a fan of The Neapolitan then you should get on well with this track. If you like this, then their other songs follow a similar formula - if you dig one you’ll dig 'em all.

Love Forever - Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

Finally we close with Welsh band Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard's latest release, Love Forever. It caught the eye of NME, so ther'es no reason it shouldn't catch yours. An anthem sound built for festivals, it strikes the balance between feeling chantable and cosy at the same time. Plus it has some folkier 70’s sounds mixed in with big festival vibes in the chorus. I think ultimately what you take away after listening to Buzzard x3 is that they’re time travellers from the year 1973, brought to the future by the spirit of Rock N Roll.

Dom Waters

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