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Early October sees two wonderful events, at opposite sides of the country.

In Bury St Edmunds (Rock City), the uniquely inclusive, inspiring, caring and noisy Washing machine Club celebrate their 8th birthday with a mouthwatering night, including a reunion set from the unbridled and unrivalled Horse Party. October 5th at The Hunter Club, details here.

Meanwhile, in Swansea, hundreds of local bands, singers, writers, poets, artists and more take part in the cultural cornucopia that is the Swansea Fringe. There's even a R*E*P*E*A*T stage.

Problem is none of us, not even me, can be in 2 places at once.

To compensate in some small way, this playlist seeks to celebrate the East West DIY Punk Rock Rebel Alliance I am so lucky to be involved with...

Soundwire – We Rise
An all conquering, swirling mix of psychedelic pop, cascading, ethereal guitars and a hint of dirty bluesy punk, driven remorselessly on by a beating electronic pulse, to leave you swooning. Heavenly Pop Hits to cheer up any wet afternoon in Swansea

Tundra – You're Welcome
Tundra are a band that straddle the East West divide. Hailing from a small village outside Bury St Edmunds, they've also been adopted like stray surf grunge puppies by the music fans of Swansea. Also adopted by Steve Lamacq. Listen and find out why.

Geraint Rhys – Dilyn
The first track I fell for when I returned to Wales, I can't wait to see him play at the Fringe. He combines political nous, wistful lyrics, ear worm melodies and cultural sensitivity to create something unusually delicate, beautiful and perfect
Hir yw’r oer, felly dilyin dy gallon di (Long is the cold so follow your heart)

The Sandinistas – Ready to Blow
It was my delight to work with this band East and West on You Flexi Thing 5. Their gigs are loud, fun packed celebrations of noise, energy and melody. Walkin' like The Clash and bouncing like year one kids on a trampoline, The Sandinistas are "Pure blown punk pop adrenaline” (Wales Online).

Fire Fences - Weather
A bundle of energy, excitement and passion from South Wales, Fire Fences blur the lines between heavy alt-rock and acoustic shivers. Vibrant, catchy and melodic tunes, and an even more exciting live show.

Rad Pitt - What is the Point of Piers Morgan?
One of the pressing questions of the age is asked by this crew of post hardcore heroes,
"one of the most important and special bands to have graced our county in recent years" - Graeme Mac, BBC Introducing in Suffolk

White Riot - Sid
With a storming live show, and an infectious repertoire, White Riot create masterful musical mayhem. Making Langland Bay size waves with their strongly Welsh-flavoured brand of Brit-Pop.

Hungry – This Disease
Hungry are a band from Cambridge who are just starting year 12. To be honest, the first few times I saw them they were a bit of an over anxious muddy mess, but an enthusiastic muddy mess of ideas and aspirations. Recent months have seen them progress at the speed of a rim shot, and over the summer we spent two days in the Big Badger Music shack in darkest Arbury and created their debut ep. Which I am incredibly proud to have been involved with. I particularly love 'This Disease'; a near perfect capture of the vulnerability, fragility but limitless articulate creative potential of teenage life. Catch them at Relevant Records on November 2nd.

Patrick Jones and John Robb – No Borders from the Sky
Patrick Jones is a poet and playwright who has brought the struggles and contradictions of life in the Welsh Valleys to new audiences. He was voted the most innovative poet and playwright in the ‘Top 100 heroes of Wales’. He encouragement was also central to the establishment of R*E*P*E*A*T. Here he teams up with iconic punk musician and writer John Robb to perform his forceful poetry of rebellion.

Fightmilk – Dream Phone
Fightmilk's album Not With that Attitude is on the R*E*P*E*A*T turntable pretty regularly. Echoes and Dust describe them as 'the fizzing rush of indie-pop angst … rom-com songs of lust and betrayal, charging guitars and soaring, shouty choruses'. They're not actually playing the Washing Machine gig but Lily Rae from the band is, in her supergroup 'Captain Handsome', who are bound to be incredible.

Vanilla - See
Vanilla have fast become one of Swansea's most exciting young bands (and also one of my favourites); the proof is in their energetic live shows. Expect fast paced, good fun, toe tapping, booty shaking indie vibes - and the best moves going from guitarist Keiran.

Bloom – A Creative Way to Forget You
A super-charged two-piece from Cardiff, bloom are a perfect blend of simply woven Punk and perfectly orchestrated Pop, for fans of Hole, Weezer, and The Rentals.

Pink Lemonade – Space Girl
Bubblegum pop-punk party-starters, Pink Lemonade combine a whole lotta pop, whole lotta punk and even more mascara! A female pop-punk trio based in Cambridge/Norwich and making ructions across the region.

Two Til Twelve - Avenue
New kids on the Swansea block, Two Til Twelve, are a quartet who play an energetic, dynamic set of Indie Rock, that wonderfully pays homage to a wide range of influences, whilst keeping their sound original and fresh, and their performance electrifying.

Gaffa Tape Sandy – Beehive
'Banging tunes' from Bury St Edmunds' loudest gift to the world, with the perfect introduction by Seymour and Isaac. They're not playing Washing Machine til Dec 7th but who needs an excuse to take a listen?

Helen Love- Where Dylan Thomas Talks to Me
Long time inspirations and new neighbours Helen Love also aren't playing the Fringe or Washing Machine Birthday, but again who needs an excuse? With references to Dylan Thomas, Vernon Watkins, Nigel Jenkins and Richard Burton, with cameos in the video from Pwll Du Bay, Pobbles, Three Cliffs and The Big Apple, this track worked as an apposite welcome to my new old home.


Picsel – Fucked Society
“Trump President, Boris PM and the world is staring at idiots on Love Island as civilisation sinks into an ocean covered in the excessive packaging used to wrap your avocados. Fucked Society just about sums it up. But don’t fret, PICSEL are here…"
Just when we thought we couldn't love Picsel any more, they went and released "Fucked Society" on the day after Boris Johnson is anointed. Just released their debut album but Picsel are not playing the Fringe or Washing Machine. Why??!

Horse Party – Paydirt
What to say about Horse Party that I've not already waffled, except that I really wish I could dash to see them on October 5th. Restrained brooding female / male vocals give way to explosive choruses of released emotion. Spine tingling, brooding, joyful, original, vital More please!

Acts playing the R*E*P*E*A*T stage at The Fringe but not yet on Spotify -
Fear not, they're all on the free CD we're giving out on the day.

K I K K E R combine ideas, energy, and a bit of experimentation to create a youthful garage punky sound inspired by the likes of The Fall, The Cramps, The Stooges and The Damned. And frogs. These tracks were recorded on a laptop in the drummer's house, but as it's not on Spotify you'll have to listen here or come hear them live and get a free CD.

Pierre Donahue
Mixing influences from his Irish and American Roots with the more contemporary, Pierre Donahue utilises loop-based rhythmic accompaniment with trad-styled Americana and Urban themes for a fresh, innovative sound. Not yet on Spotify; come to the Fringe stage and catch him live and on the free CD.

Dominic Nation and the Dirty Dead
Theatrical, retro-inspired, ballsy "Graveyard Glam Metal" from Swansea. Think Rob Zombie meets Van Halen in a horror punk cross-over for the ages. Can't find anything of theirs online, so come along and see them live, and get Night of the Red Wolf on the free CD.

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