R*E*P*E*A*T Play List 1.1.2021
Top of the Pops 2020

These, apparently, are the R*E*P*E*A*T Spotify Top played tracks of 2020.

Great to see new bands Clwb Fuzz, Picsel, Memory Camp, Press Club, Hungry, The Keep Cats, Gaffa Tape Sandy, SuperGlu, MOSES, Fightmilk and Working Men’s Club up there along with the likes of IDLES, Fontaines DC, Jesus and Mary Chain, Billie Joe, Manics, The Clash and of course The LARKS.

Perhaps a bit embarrassing that a track I play on is at number 2.

More info on some of these:

Clwb Fuzz -
grunge punk band from Cardiff about to go up a level or 3, look here

Memory Camp - new melodic guitar band from Cardiff reminding me of 90s American indie rock-pop. Here

Picsel - stupidly under rated (particularly by themselves) noisy punky DIY pop four or five piece from Swansea, nag them here

The Larks - incredible mid 80s punk'n'brass band, 'like the Ramones playing James Brown cover versions'. Reminisce here

Fightmilk - 'Extremely loud and incredibly gross' female fronted band with never ending melodies that circle here

Press Club - completely wonderful Australian band who were one of the first victims of our online video interviews. Read all about it here

Bandicoot - the bilingual sound of post-industrial blues, blasted through Swansea's rain-soaked concrete streets. Here

Gaffa Tape Sandy - three piece garage rock band, spewing out glorified noise from Bury St Edmunds, Rock City. Here

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard -
“70’s sheep in badly made wolves clothing.” Baa here

The Donkeys were a power pop band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire 1979-81. No links but what a great song.

The Keep Cats. Young 'Dirt Pop' from the Reading area. Get messy here

Whipping Boy inspired darkly poetic creators of what many consider the best Irish album ever, 1995's Heartworm. Due a re-release any time now here

Tundra - Punky, Surfy, Australian, Bitter tastes of fun from Bury St Edmunds, Rock City here

Superglu. Uniquely catchy and entertaining Garage-Pop from the smallest town in England. Visit here

Beach Riot - Brighton fuzz pop quartet whose debut album has just been released on the way cool Alcopop Records. Get Subatomic Party Cool here

Hungry - incredibly delicate, vulnerable and honest teenage offering from Cambridge teen band, who sometimes post here

The Heart Throbs - indie rock band with sweet tunes and an unsettling centre. Disbanded 1993, remains here

Moses - "(…) thrilling London four-piece M O S E S - recalling the fizzing energy of very early Blur, except, maybe even better."says Mojo. Check out the hype here

*Much of our music is listened to on vinyl. Any chart incorporating these would doubtless include this year The Lovely Eggs, The Wildhearts, Desperate Journalist, Gaffa Tape Sandy, all the flexi things, James Dean Bradfield, Helen Love, Petrol Girls, The Chills, Soundwire, Bob Vylan plus things I've recorded myself...DTT!

* We have 2 Spotify accounts and this is the chart from just one of them.

Past playlists here