R*E*P*E*A*T Play List 14.10.19

Chosen by author of Memory Songs and musician in The Flamingoes, James Cook


GINA X – ‘No G.D.M’. A lost 80s electro classic.

TRICKY – ‘Black Steel’. For me, Martina Topley-Bird was the voice of the 90s. No other voice brings that era back so immediately and evocatively.

LONE LADY – ‘Groove It Out’. The taut riff, space, and repetition are irresistible.

THE TRIFFIDS – ‘Field Of Glass’. This is the band at their rawest and darkest. If you haven’t heard the Triffids, this is where to start . . .

S*M*A*S*H – ‘Lady Love Your C—t’. ‘Integrity. Money. Necessity!’ Still sends shivers.


DANIEL JOHNSTON – ‘The Beatles'.
This is the song I listened to after he passed away recently. The version should be the one with the heavy, distorted drum machine. It embodies the spirit of the Beatles better than a thousand Britpop bands with Rickenbacker 401 basses.

NOISETTES – ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm’. What happened to them? Saw them at the Scala in 2009 and they were incredible. An underrated band.

WU TANG CLAN – ‘Bring Da Ruckus’. ‘ A stream of nihilist invention delivered in nine voices’ – Will Ashon, Chamber Music: Enter the Wu-Tang.

THE REPLACEMENTS – ‘Unsatisfied’. When they played the Roundhouse in 2015 they charged on and played the first two numbers in a frenzy, as if they were 16-year-old punks, then suddenly switched to a more sustainable pace. It was still a phenomenal show. They played this.

THE THE – ‘This Is The Day’. Every home should have a copy of ‘Soul Mining’. ‘This Is The Day’ was covered by the Manics, of course . . .

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