Sleep cannot hide the thoughts splitting through my mind
Some readers comment on the R*E*P*E*A*T Book

(available here)

Hi Richard,

Yes the book arrived in one piece, thank you so much & apologies for not letting you know sooner. Spent a very nostalgic evening last week reading through it, lots of wonderful memories in there (I'd totally forgotten writing about the birthday gig) and a great snapshot of a very special and exciting time in music.

Thank you for the lovely message you wrote inside it too, i was very touched by your words. I'm eternally grateful for all the encouragement and opportunities you gave me at such a formative age and there'd be no way i'd be at 6 Music now was it not for the skills i developed through R*E*P*E*A*T. I'm sure there's lots of dispossessed teenagers getting a similar experience through you and the 'zine right now (though Pritt Stick, vinyl and paper must feel very alien to them in an age of blogs, soundcloud and twitter) and long may it continue.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon - Would be lovely to meet for a drink at some time if you're ever at a loose end in Cambs.

Take care,



Hi Rosey,

I hope you are well? A million thanks to you, I received the book today, it looks amazing. Great job, it's a hugely important piece of art in itself, the best £10 I've spent in a long time. Wish I hadn't waited so long but regardless it is here now and I look forward to looking back and to the future with it. I have just had a quick flick through and a thousand memories are fleeting through my brain. I see front covers that take me back to being 16 years old the feeling of excitement of getting it and your letters in the post. I was so cut off where I grew up, you were such an important lifeline for me, thank you.

Thank you so much for the badges!! I wear my D*E*S*T*R*O*Y work one (to work funnily enough) everyday...I've had that for more years than I care to remember, haha but I adore's part of my history.

Thank you kindly for the postcards and CD. The postcards I used to have from you (must be '96) and I'll still have them planked away in a treasure box, these ones, well are pristine and deserve to go in a frame! Thanks!

I look forward to reading it and no doubt it will spark questions to you of long lost people, Alison Sedgwick, Gill Armstrong.... Do you ever hear from them? I lost contact, sadly with everyone when I started to move round Uni a lot. I am glad we are back in touch and thank you for the beautiful inscription in the book, I was touched! R*E*P*E*A*T was a huge part of my life too, so this is special for me! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

Anyway I'll leave it for now and I do hope you are well. Glad you've appreciated the Facebook posts! Take care and as ever lovely to hear from you.

Stay Beautiful

Lynsey xx

Hi Rosey,

Thanks for the books — and thanks for bringing them round. I sat down and ended up reading it for about two hours straight without even stopping to have a cigarette, and still only got through a tiny fraction of it.

Aside from the concentrated and agreeable dose of nostalgia, it was really interesting to see all that stuff in the same place. It made me realise how big an impact Repeat has had on my musical life: from the first gig I ever went to when I was 17 (the Saffs, late '97 — they didn't have gigs where I used to live), to Mad Sheep, Panic and then latterly all the Resistance stuff; it's all in some way been associated
with or influenced by Repeat. The first time I ever DJ'd was at Mad Sheep and the first gig I ever played was a Repeat night at the Portland — as was the last one, I think. In fact it's difficult to imagine I'd be doing what I now do for a living if it wasn't for Repeat, and however much I may complain about my job, I think that has to be considered a
good thing. I think the chief thing is that Repeat made things seem possible: that it is possible to start a band, or a club night or whatever. That's a hugely positive lesson (and a very punk rock one) and one that I think must have benefited a great many people over the last seventeen years, including myself.

So thanks Rosey. Thanks a lot!

Susan of The Resistance

PS Sarah was very pleased with her copy too. We both sat in a pub in London on Saturday and poured over it.


Dear Rosey,  

I must show my appreciation by writing this email to tell you how great it was to get the R*E*P*E*A*T book in the post today. It was just like back in the day when the fanzine used to be left outside my house amongst the milk bottles because the postman couldn't fit the envelope through the door (not that bit), and eventually I'd find it and be looking through it for ages without really reading it at first because the frenzied collage of so much stuff would be attacking my eyeballs all at once. The only difference being the book costs a tenner instead of £1.50 and I'm sure there's less pages than the 'zine had during those glory years. Oh and the odd smattering of colour which gives it a very 21st century feel I have to say. I hate the Internet for destroying those days when everything was real and you could feel and smell the paper and hold in your hands the product of a work of love. Nowadays I have to squint at a screen that gives me a headache and click buttons on a mouse that causes rsi. I don't call that fun. Glue and scissors. Bring it back.  

R*E*P*E*A*T 4 ever (peace and love),  


**sleep cannot hide the thoughts splitting through my mind**


Hi Rosey,
Just a note to say thanks for the REPEAT book (and the postcards, CD and badges), and to shake your virtual hand.  You almost made me want to move to Cambridge!
Keep at it,
Jo (Manchester)


Hi there, just read on the forever delayed forum about the book and just wanted to pass on my congratulations.

From the sample pages I've seen, it looks amazing. I'm hoping you could tell me the postage costs for 2 x copies to Australia.

I've been a REPEAT fan for ages and was chuffed to bits when you put our name on the cover of an issue (HBlock101) alongside the Manics.

Made me a proud man :)..I almost considered getting Nicky to sign it when I met him,James and Sean on their tour to OZ last year.

I wimped out but.. thinking that he may have thought I was taking the piss:
Anyhoo...keep up the good work and when you get back to me about postage, I'll pay you through Paypal.
Brent Millhouse, HBlock101

(More details of the book available here)