Music can be revolutionary too - one listener at a time!

Hi. I enjoyed the ideas on your site. I am with Christ!, a punk band from Chicago that is presently giving out thousands of CDs of a live concert, called Will We Always Be Blind Idiots?, around the world to strangers we encounter who seem punky, alternative or political. Its another great way to make friends and have, youd better believe it, amazing conversations! Our music and band promotes the vision of a human global future without nations, money, wages, states, or classes, in which the production of wealth is democratically controlled by the entire community, wealth is produced for free, and labor is voluntary. The problems of the world derive from a system based on the profit motive. Replace production of wealth for sale with production for use, and we have a society geared to meeting our own needs. A global, classless, stateless, moneyless society of common ownership. Stop supporting the systems politicians and leaders and help to bring this about NOW start thinking for yourselves! I just added you as a friend. Listen to our music on our myspace page ( and if, and only if, you like it, can you add us to your site? Love and revolution from Chicago, dr. who of christ!

P.S. You mention Richey James Edwards among your heroes. I loved the Manics from that era too. I once wrote a fantastic pop song about him. If only the Manics would have covered him. I think if an English indie band were to sing that song of mine it would be a big hit - it is very catchy. Make me a friend too on your site would you after you have heard my songs? But also, if you send me your email address, I can send you an mp3 of that song about Richie James Edwards. You will then have my permission (if you like the song, obviously!) to find a suitable Britpop band in England that would record it. If it makes any money, we'll split the proceeds! Let me know.