The best band you (probably) never heard of...

Sid Abuse raves about one of the best undiscovered bands of the late 1990s

The first ever PIN-UPS gig was April 13th 1996 in Reading, England. They were utterly, utterly brilliant. Nasty. Cool. Cocky. Genius. Especially when they destroyed the Deadbeats classic 'Kill All Hippies'-Orange the guitarist had to sit the song out, as he had shoulder length hair. An amazing evening. One of the best gigs of the 90s. They were born.

Where The PIN-UPS a punk band? Yeah guess so. They had great songs. Great lyrics. Fab hooks. Yeah think Sex Pistols / Ramones /Oasis/Stooges/Manic Street Preachers

1996 was their YTS. Twenty something gigs. They learnt how to play. Recorded one of the greatest demos of all time. Debut London gig was seven minutes long at the Camden HQ club. Radio One disc jockey Steve Lamacq was in the crowd, loved it so much he nearly fainted. Dave Ambrose (one of the guys who signed the Sex Pistols in 1976) was also there. He loved them too. Blagged Reading Festival 1996. Kings of the famous underground History festival (which was totally illegal and took place above a book shop on the Charing Cross Road, London) Steve Lamacq was so impressed he even found time and released their debut single on his short lived Stockwell Park label . The awesome 'Robbie Left Take That?'/ 'Mindless Drivel'(the best b side EVER) was produced by the legendary producer Falcon Stuart (X Ray Spex/Adam and the Ants) Oh and appeared in the Daily Star.

Finally ended up on Deceptive (home to Elastica) records and the second single '18' was released. The record label guys only then realised what they had signed and were not mentally strong enough to handle the Reading teenagers. Relations between band and label went tits up. Funnily enough they were technically never dropped. The label just gave up on them.

Our old label, Abuse, released the classic PIN-UPS one and only album 'Made In Tilehurst'. The bleeders decided to split up soon after release. Thus selling poorly, but everyone who owns it knows it is a classic release.

Two years later and a slight change in line up recorded the single 'The Telesales EP' for Velocity. The media seemed to love it or hated it. Played some annoying rubbish gigs. They couldn?t make up where their sound was going. They gave up, again.

A truly awesome band and definitely one of the reasons we release records. Taylor was one of the best lead singers this country has ever produced. Jackie such an underrated drummer. Johnny Perfection was one of the coolest bass players of all time. At least two of them were musical genius. A gang of misfits. A gang of stars. A band that were never pretending. A band that was doomed to fuck up from day one and with hindsight that was probably the whole point!

Made In Tilehurst and Telesales have now become a digital album release called THE VELOCITY YEARS on all the best download websites. Cheap too!!
Will be released worldwide( on sale in 240 countries) January 3rd 2011

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Sid Abuse, December 2010