Sex... It's Out of My Hands

There was a time when simple acts of masturbatory fantasies were just that: fantasies.

Now, even the most outrageous kinks a few would disturb their privates for are available en mass. It's all become public imagery.

Even what you know to be illegal, and of today's worst taboos, paedophilia, is available. For years a site called operated (until a recent FBI bust). Only the pervs that paid good money to find it knew about it.

Where once some fellow had to go down to his basement to check his hidden spot to pull out, maybe, cutouts from magazines pasted together of shoes, or bras, today reclines in the living room, while mom's taking the kids to soccer, to check his Mac for a secret folder of jpegs, Quicktime flicks and chat logs with fellow shoe, or bra enthusiasts.

There's a reason a computer's keyboard has now replaced the kitchen sink (which once replaced the toilet) as the most dirty, scummy and bacteria filled place in the home.

I'm backing a w a y from m ine as I w rite thi s.
You have to admit, it is all thanks to the machine most of us can't live without, as well as the currently most popular way to stay in touch, which would be your computer and the internet.
Not that long ago it was all the TV's fault, with many claiming TV brought sex into the home. Before that if you were a transsexual, you were a tranny in your room. Thanks to Springer, Maury and Montel, you could now be a tranny on TV.

That should make one wonder if it's the fetish alone, or the added exhibitionism that makes many seek out this attention.
Those that didn't like what was being broadcast had to turn it off, and tune it out, while others went out to buy a VCR to kick it up hardcore style.

Until the worldwide weirdness came along, then masturbation not only got out of hand, but got out on screens everywhere.

The web's best asset became the availability of, well... everything, along with an anonymous-factor to finding it all. But, the whole "anonymity of the web" has gotten out of hand. Web etiquette went out the window a few years back and has made it to where people whom I've never met, frequently ask me questions about the strangest topics; from what I like to touch myself to, to where I can score some sweet shit.

Some don't even care about anonymity, as a Google search for Nazi fetishes pulls up some quite interesting sites and groups for those that like to bang - or be banged - while dressed in SS garb, swastikas and all. The most popular in this search was Cuddly Necro Babes, and their 'Nazi Girls of the Web' section, at only $5.95 a month. I thought National Socialism would be below the Necro Babes' taste, but I guess corpse-fuckers don't have much when it comes to standards.

It used to be that you'd have to at least schlep to the video store and rent titles like "Hitlers Harlot", "SS Beast Woman" and "Gestapo Ass Fuck" (actual Nazi fetish films of the 1970s) for this kind of fun. I know internet porn develops the art of one-handed typing, but watching video leaves both hands free: one for wackin' it, the other for sieg heiling.

Furries have a larger presence on the web. These oddballs dress up in sports teams' mascot outfits, Disney characters' suits, or children's party-animal costumes for some loveable, fuzzball freakout. The thought of those big, fuzzy getups just leaves some flustered, I guess, shouting in the middle of sex, "Don't look at my human eyes!"
The gay community thought this was so weird they stopped calling hairy guys "furries", changing it to "bears".

If you didn't think either was strange enough, there's also Nazi furries. Wikipedia defining them as the few who never get their hearts and loins pumping harder than when seeing one in full Nazi uniform, with say, the head of the San Diego Chicken, or Hello Kitty.

The furry fetish stems from either needing to anthropomorphize animals, or the subject having zoomorphia. The Nazi one may come from being one guilty whitey, a masochistic Jew, or just really liking cleanliness and order a whole lot.

The mixing of the two though, boggles my analytical mind.

There is so much more out there.

Spankers are ones who can't get off unless their bottoms are beaten red.

Diaper people are those who like to dress up as babies, and be treated as such. Pooping themselves, so their diapees can be changed.
Messies are people who love to screw with food. I don't mean screw around with it, but actually have sex, while smearing food over themselves. Then there's rotting messies, who are messies into - you guessed it - rotting food.

Vomit chuggers, scatologists, golden shower aficionados... all out there, online, and waiting to ask, "Are you into this too?"

by A. Souto