New Seda Group

We celebrate the struggle against capitalism with a stream of posters, photography, zines, stickers ,street art and graffiti . On May Day we distribute posters that demand the impossible and we will convey the desires of the people in shopping centres and side streets, beside motorways and on the shiny windows of the despised banks of St. Pauls and The City of London. Our language is an echo of past protests and a vision of new ones that hopes to prove that beneath the pavement is the beach.

Beyond punk and the jaded reality of the world of office and factory jobs we outline new words that shadow the system and call out for dreams. Our love adores Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg and Ulrike Meinhof alongside Kathe Kollwitz and Frieda Karlo .

Every advert is a potential surface to be punctured and usurped. Every street is the stage for a next movement, every workplace wall is a new focus for free art.

Give out your paintings and make them into posters to decorate the banks in free colours and forms.
Go to the art studio and empty it into the parks and open spaces . Take the business magazines and stick them with slogans from the edge of the day. Support any worker striking and assassinate the passer by .

CCTV is the new scab , no fire escape in hell....
Dont let the police and supermarkets use boredom to stifle your desires. Stand up and support all class war prisoners. From under the city will come new vital art forms that link up with strikes and protests.

Let the landlord and the store detective stutter while we call for liberation and theft. The ideas are ours, from every city centre, every prison and every workplace we can make new art that will stun and defy the old galleries and the bland daytime talk shows alike....

Our purpose is to denigrate the casual repression of everday life and re invent our desires in the streets and squares of the capital. From zines and posters we shadow the clock ticking down the working day before surplus value is extracted. Our desires are for the whole, our language will be made between the texts of Rosa and the underground glance of commuters.

We will make new situations.

The unemployed are defined by the state and we will put our slogans on job centres and council offices because our art is free and belongs to the people.

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