New Year's Revolutions 2019

To be seasonal, this half term's report is written in the form of reverse resolutions:

To continue to enjoy the sea day and night – looking out across Swansea Bay as far as fiery, fumy Port Talbot in one direction and the flashing photogenic Mumbles lighthouse in the other every morning and evening is a daily delight.

I have also been so lucky to spend quality time with my wonderful Mum; I must remember never to take this for granted (and to promote her Little Free Library).

To turn up to work every Wednesday and Thursday next half term. Yes, I will be working a day a week at a local primary school covering two “difficult classes – you''ll love them!” and one day a week teaching post 16 fairly friendly farmers and more rather reluctant builders English and maths in Llandeilo and Ammanford. And it's still exciting if exhausting to sleep with the phone on loud so that I can (hopefully) be sent to new places on the other days.

Lidl is lovely but I need to earn more than I spend pretty soon. Don't forget, zero hours contracts and agencies don't pay you in the holidays...

Keep enjoying guitar lessons with the Cambridge kids, in person and by Skype, and to keep promoting with the City's incredibly vibrant Young Performers scene.

Release something physical and fantastic for Record Store Day and also to celebrate madly moshing Bury St Edmunds Rock City.

At the same time, to paddle deeper into the Swansea music scene. Plans for the first R*E*P*E*A*T Swansea influenced release will be announced soon, and I have been in touch with bands keen to work with both R*E*P*E*A*T and Love Music Hate Racism. Watch this space.

Relish the young Swansea City team playing with daring, passion and some naivety in a season which looks set to be free of the anxiety of both relegation and play off anxieties.

Make more time for Cambridge City; I really miss watching them regularly.

Despite how it may feel at times, to remember that most people are of course anti racists; the enthusiastic local and national reaction to setting up Jacks Against Racism and Fascism has proved this. However, our influence needs to be upped a hundred fold to defeat the threat we face.

Never to forget that kicking up a fuss does work. Overturning, or at least delaying, the deportation of Swansea resident Otis over the Christmas period when politics and the detention centre were 'closed' (but still putting people on planes!) seemed an impossibly tall order. And yet, thanks to the determination and organisation of a few anti racists, this is exactly what has happened. What a testament to the power of protest. Otis' long term future is still in doubt – sign the petition if you haven't done so yet!


To do my best to maintain R*E*P*E*A*T website as the longest running and best chip chomping, Tory trashing, cider swilling, badger beloving Manics inspired website in the world. Some of our recent articles, reviews, gig pix and rants have been really top class, exclusive and definitive; thanks to all the contributors.

To keep in touch with fabulous friends in Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds and beyond.

Above all, to Keep on Keeping On!

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T, December 2018