New Year's Resolutions / Predictions / Wish List for R*E*P*E*A*T, 2006

To stumble upon some new, earth shattering, ear tingling melodic, intelligent, punky band with enough attitude to make Bush and Blair quake in their collective Stetsons, playing in the back room of the Portland.

To put on a blinding and unforgettable R*E*P*E*A*T 10th birthday Party (2 years too late) starring the best of our pasts, presents and futures with The Visions, Miss Black America, The Saffs (reforming for one night only!) and Pilots of the Sixth at The Junction on April 25th. Oh, anyone seen The Junctions listings? Maybe this one is actually coming true…

To witness Towers of London return to upset still more of the musical establishment of Cambridge.

To see Lee Trundle power Swansea City into the Championship to the soundtrack of CosyCosy's new single 'Wash'n'Go', due out in May.

To organise another collection of delinquent, disillusioned 10 and 11 year olds from my Junior School into a band mighty enough to storm into assembly, the staff room and Blue Peter.

To see The Visions finally get the recognition they deserve and then to duet with their nemesis, The Vichy Government.

To be part of a simmering, potent underground scene, running nights where the dispossessed glitter kids of our city can pogo, pose, fall in love, read poetry, get drunk on Perrier, undermine institutions, stare at the stars and eat chips.

To release some incredible new bands on an unsuspecting public via the free downloads on, starting with the mob of maestro minstrels and verbal wizards known as Pilots of the Sixth on February 20th.

To put the riot back into rock'n'roll...

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T

Written for The Explorer Magazine

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