Manic Street Preachers
Unique and Rare Records

April 2020
Compiled By: Steve Bateman

Dedicated followers of the Manic Street Preachers, will I'm sure, be up to speed with the array of beautiful, desirable and collectible records that have been produced for many of the band's releases, throughout their 30+ years in The Music Industry.

There is even a superb website, that has painstakingly catalogued almost all of MSP's vast body of work. 'The Love Of... A Discography Of Manic Street Preachers' is well worth a visit, and by using this and Discogs as resources for this particular article (massive thanks to both), I have cherry-picked just a small selection - the tip of the iceberg - of some of the most distinct, interesting and rare Manics records in existence!

Inevitably though, there are a whole host of potential candidates, with numerous highly sought-after and valuable releases to choose from. So to begin with, as part of my introduction, I thought that I would briefly spotlight some of the Manic Street Preachers' most significant and famous rarities from the group's pre-Sony Music days.

Firstly, there is the holy grail of collecting - the Manics' self-financed debut single, Suicide Alley. This 2trk 7" Vinyl was issued in June 1988 via SBS Records while the band were still unsigned, with only 300 copies being pressed - a mere 200 with picture sleeves (as that's all MSP could afford) and 100 in a plain white die-cut cover. Richey would even later cut out legendary music journalist, the late great, Steven Wells' gushing 'NME Singles Of The Week' review of Suicide Alley, published on 19th August, 1989 (over a year after the 7" had first come out!), then glue these reviews to what is thought to be around 30 handmade sleeves. Depending on their condition, any of these three versions of Suicide Alley 45s can now fetch upwards of £2000 - even more, if they are also accompanied by one of the fabled hand-written 'Manics Manifesto' letters, that were posted out with some of them at the time!

Next up, we have the 2trk UK Channel Boredom 7" Flexi-disc, of which 1000 copies were made and given away free with the March 1990 edition of either the Hopelessly Devoted Fanzine or the Goldmining Fanzine. The records have a wraparound colour photocopied cover, in a sealable plastic outer sleeve. Following on from this release, soon afterwards came the original first pressings of the 4trk New Art Riot EP 12" (black & white label) + CD (picture disc), which were issued in June 1990 on Damaged Goods. Then, there was the 3trk Motown Junk 12" + CD and 4trk You Love Us 12", CD + 2trk 7", both put out by Heavenly in January and May 1991, respectively.
*In May 2011, to commemorate Motown Junk's 20th Anniversary, Heavenly released this classic single as a limited edition 2trk 7" Vinyl for the first time.

Finally, we round off the pre-Sony Music times, with the 2trk Feminine Is Beautiful 7". This was issued in July 1991 through CAFF Corporation - a Fanzine once based in London that belonged to Saint Etienne band member Bob Stanley. The 45 was limited to 500 copies and only available via mail order. Again, this is yet another costly collectible for MSP Fans, going for close to £300 nowadays if in mint condition!

Moving on to the Sony Music era - when the Manics were no longer stars of the underground and were riding high, enjoying both critical and mainstream success - a few renowned rarities from the group's longstanding label, include the Symphony Of Tourette 7" Promo issued in Spring / Summer 1993. The scarce promotional Generation Terrorists Singles 6CD grey linen-bound box set, with an embossed silver inner compact disc holder, issued in Summer 1997, as that's when the six GT Singles (12,000 of each) were reissued in record stores. And lastly, the out of print Lipstick Traces 12" Triple Vinyl with a flocked fur sleeve - a Manic Street Preachers webstore exclusive issued in July 2003 and limited to 1000 individually numbered copies. These can now sell for anywhere in the region of £150 - £250. More recently, and as a counterpart to the 1996 LP with a limited fold-out poster, 2016 saw the release of a 20th Anniversary Everything Must Go baby blue coloured heavyweight 12" Vinyl (1000 only). Other well-known Sony Music products which are more easily attainable however, due to there being much larger quantities, include the gorgeous 12" + CD picture discs issued between 1992-1994, for Generation Terrorists, Motorcycle Emptiness, Gold Against The Soul and The Holy Bible.

Then of course, you have all of the commercially available formats, limited editions, international exclusives, deluxe anniversary editions, box sets, digital downloads, iTunes exclusives, hardbound books / folios, 'Record Store Day' exclusives, VHS / DVD releases, compilation contributions, extracurricular projects and myriad of acetates / test pressings, white labels, promos, samplers, bootlegs etc. However, as there is now in excess of an eye-watering 700 official releases available! So that this editorial remains easily digestible, I have decided to mainly focus on some of the lesser-known, hard-to-find or aesthetically appealing collectors' items in MSP's rich back catalogue. As their striking artwork and packaging, coupled with their content, I feel, makes them irresistible!

In chronological order then, here is a condensed list of Manic Street Preachers rarities that - along with the aforementioned releases - you will want to own in your record collection...

1. Generation Terrorists - UK Promo CD 5trk Album Sampler (Digipak sleeve is mustard coloured as was originally intended - pink was an error by the printers much to Richey's dismay! Little Baby Nothing also has the 'A Streetcar Named Desire' film dialogue sample preceding the track, which had to be removed from subsequent represses of GT due to copyright infringement). Issued in 1992.

2. Generation Terrorists - USA Longbox CD
(countless North American compact disc jewel cases were packaged inside these 12" x 6" boxes up until the early '90s, so that they could stand together in pairs and would fit the dimensions of record stores' existing vinyl shelving. Serving a 'transitional' purpose, Longboxes were expensive to produce and were eventually considered environmentally wasteful. For record collectors however, a CD is worth far more if accompanied by its original Longbox - especially in mint condition! Curiously, at the behest of the band's American label, Columbia, the US version of GT was given a revised and rearranged 14 song tracklisting, with 4 songs also receiving the remix treatment and re-recorded drums. Patrick Jones' spoken-word poetry was also cut from the intros to Love's Sweet Exile and Crucifix Kiss, with the latter having additional pronounced piano plinks during its chorus. The UK b-side, Democracy Coma, was added to the long player as well. Even the artwork was tampered with, as both the main sleeve quote, plus each and every quote thoughtfully assigned to individual tracks by Nicky and Richey, were removed - all without MSP's consent or final approval! It is rumoured that the record company felt that these quotes would be "too highbrow" for rock music fans residing in North America. The front cover also bears the famous 'Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics' black and white logo. Issued in 1992.



3. Stay Beautiful - USA 5trk CD Single (alternate artwork, due to the original UK sleeve causing copyright problems in North America and thus being withdrawn). Love's Sweet Exile - Australia 3trk Promo CD (alternate brown coloured artwork). Motorcycle Emptiness - Germany 1trk Promo CD (unique 3.40 radio edit, with alternate artwork also showing German live tour dates on the back cover). Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) - Australia 3trk CD Single (different tracklisting to UK version, includes the b-sides Spectators Of Suicide (Heavenly) and Starlover). Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) - UK 1trk Promo CD (given away free with limited copies of Generation Terrorists, factory-sealed together and also featuring a 'hype sticker'). Issued in 1992

4. Motorcycle Emptiness - Spain 3trk 12" Vinyl (exclusive sleeve version with an alternate cover). Issued in 1992

5. Various Cassettes - A tiny taster of promotional and commercially available MCs, all featuring custom artwork: Stay Beautiful - UK 'The Hit Factory' 3trk Promo. Stay Beautiful - USA 5trk Promo. Motorcycle Emptiness - UK 'The Hit Factory' 4trk Promo. M*A*S*H - UK 'The Hit Factory' 2trk Promo. Little Baby Nothing - UK 'The Hit Factory' 3trk Promo. Generation Terrorists - Thailand 18trk Album. Generation Terrorists - USA 14trk Promo. Live In Japan - Thailand 5trk EP (contains songs recorded live at Club Citta Kawasaki, 13th May 1992). Roses In The Hospital UK 3trk Single (due to a barcode discrepancy, it is thought that very few record stores ever actually received these as physical stock, meaning that it has now become the rarest commercially available UK MC). Issued in 1992-93.

Selected promotional cassettes and international maxi MCs (with artwork modifications or exclusive to country of release): Generation Terrorists - UK 18trk Promo Album. Stay Beautiful - USA 5trk Single. Love's Sweet Exile - Australia 3trk Single. Love's Sweet Exile - Thailand 3trk Single. You Love Us - Thailand 4trk Single. Motorcycle Emptiness - Thailand 4trk Single. Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) - Thailand 3trk Single. Little Baby Nothing Part 1 & 2 - Thailand 4trk Singles. Gold Against The Soul - UK 4trk Promo Album Sampler. Roses In The Hospital - Thailand 4trk Single. The Holy Bible - UK 5trk Promo Album Sampler. The Holy Bible - UK 13trk Promo Album. The Holy Bible - Thailand 13trk Album. The Holy Bible - Indonesia 13trk Album. Faster - Thailand 4trk Single. Revol Parts 1 & 2 - Thailand 4trk Singles. She Is Suffering Parts 1 & 2 - Thailand 4trk Singles. Issued in 1992-1994.

6. Gold Against The Soul - UK Promo CD 4trk Album Sampler (glossy Digipak sleeve). Issued in 1993.

7. Sleepflower (edit) - USA 3trk Promo CD (also known as a 'Demonstration Disc' in North America. Uses a white version of the UK Roses In The Hospital orange coloured front cover. Musically, James' guitar solo is truncated, meaning that the song's duration is 4.04). Issued in 1993.

8. Lipstick Traces - Unofficial Euro 18trk 12" Vinyl (includes early demos and live tracks). Issued in 1993. *Interestingly, the title Lipstick Traces, was lifted from the cult classic, non-fiction book, Lipstick Traces: A Secret History Of The Twentieth Century, by the esteemed American rock-music critic Greil Marcus, which examines popular music and art as a social critique of Western culture. In 2003, as an homage to this tome and to the impact that it had on his life, Nicky - like the '93 bootleg - would even title MSP's very own 35trk b-sides / rarities compilation, Lipstick Traces: A Secret History Of Manic Street Preachers. In 2009, Nicky also wrote the foreword for the Twentieth-Anniversary Edition of Lipstick Traces, revealing: "Some people say a record or a film changed their life. In my case, it was a book. Greil Marcus's Lipstick Traces did that back in 1990. It really was that important."

9. Verses From The Holy Bible - UK 4trk 7" Flexi-disc (given away free with NME - 27 August 1994 issue). M.S.P. done & dusted - UK 3trk DJ Promo Remixes 12" Vinyl (limited clandestine Epic (Sony Music) white label with stickered sleeve, featuring remixes by The Dust Brothers - now better known as The Chemical Brothers). Issued in 1994.
*DJ Promo Remixes are usually sent to influential dance DJs to play during their club sets, often with a 'Club Reaction Return' feedback form included, so that record companies etc. can gauge audience reactions to specific tracks for market research. On these forms, DJs are required to complete their name, the club where the song was played and most importantly, 'Dancefloor Response'. Remixes can also provide artists with underground credibility, while at the same time, opening up new avenues of opportunity for them, such as the chance to collaborate with cutting edge dance acts, who will re-imagine and re-purpose their music for clubs - potentially gaining them a whole new following in the process!

10. Faster/P.C.P - UK 2trk Promo CD (infrared coloured sleeve). Issued in 1994. Faster - USA 5trk Promo CD (alternate artwork). Issued in 1995.

11. The Holy Bible - Canada 13trk CD (withdrawn Tom Lord-Alge remix).
A small number crept into circulation and surfaced in Canadian record stores in March 1995, but the pushed back date of July for the full, widespread North American release was eventually scrapped. The US branch of Epic decided to pull the plug on the entire THB release / marketing campaign, citing the Manics' inability to properly publicise the LP by completing their touring commitments - due to Richey's disappearance - as the key reason for this. There are subtle sleeve / compact disc modifications and even though the US Mix is now readily available on deluxe anniversary editions of The Holy Bible, original 1995 copies are still craved and continue to sell for around £100). Issued in 1995.

12. A Design For Life, Everything Must Go, Kevin Carter and Australia - UK 1trk Radio Edit Promo CDs (alternate colourways to commercially available 2CD Single Sets. When manufactured, the outer card pochettes were also given a wraparound sticker with the group's name and track info - just as the singles were - which also acted as a seal to prevent the inner wallet holding the CD from falling out. Also of note - from a purely graphic design perspective - is how the title, Australia, is nattily flipped upside down as a nod to the land 'Down Under'. On the commercially available formats though, Australia is printed the correct way round). A Design For Life - Euro 1trk Promo CD. A Design For Life - USA 1trk Promo CD. A Design For Life - Euro 4trk CD 1. A Design For Life - South Africa 4trk CD 2. A Design For Life - Australia 4trk CD Single (uses UK inner sleeve artwork). Australia - Australia 4trk CD Single (uses UK inner sleeve artwork). Issued in 1996

13. Manics DJ Copy - Japan 17trk Promo CD (a compilation that was released around the time of This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours. The album also includes the non-single, This Is Yesterday, while the front cover artwork is interchangeable with 3 possible sleeve choices. This CD is also noteworthy for another reason, as I believe it is one of the few occasions where the band's abbreviated name, Manics, is actually printed on a record. Valued at around £100. Issued in 1998.

14. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - UK / Euro 9" x 6" Promo Box (multiple 7trk CD / MC Album Sampler + 13trk CD variants available. Every copy has an outer cardboard slipcase, inner box, band biography sheet and an authentic one-off Polaroid taken by Nicky, stuck to the inside flap). The Everlasting - Netherlands 8trk 2CD Single Set (exclusive Dutch release with 'hype sticker'. The Digipak contains an empty tray for CD 2 and both compact discs feature the title track plus three more live cuts, recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdam on 9th November 1998. CD 2 is in a card sleeve and was released separately from CD 1, although the two CDs were also available as a single 2CD Set). Issued in 1998

15. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - USA Promo CD Player Carry Case (includes the 13trk long player, 5 postcards and a Manic Street Preachers sticker). You Stole The Sun From My Heart - USA 2trk Promo CD (alternate artwork). Issued in 1998.

16. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - Unofficial Mexico 10trk 12" Vinyl picture disc. Issued in 1998.

17. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (3trk CD), Everlasting (4trk CD) and You Stole The Sun From My Heart (3trk CD) - Canada Promo Clamshells with picture discs. Only 300 of these sets were apparently made, although this figure has been called into question by some discerning collectors, as individual Clamshells rarely come up for sale - particularly the one for You Stole The Sun From My Heart - let alone complete sets! Having said that, Discogs lists that one full set recently sold for £399! The story behind these compact discs, is that a record company executive working for Virgin Music Canada at the time, was a huge MSP Fan and so wanted to create an exclusive and special collectible, for both himself and the group's Canadian label. Some plastic Clamshells are clear, while others are mainly blue and yellow in colour, so that they complement the picture discs corresponding artwork. Issued in 1999.

18. The Masses Against The Classes - UK 1trk Promo CD (alternate artwork). The Masses Against The Classes Euro 1trk Promo CD (Know Your Enemy style sleeve. In France, this compact disc also came cellophaned as a freebie with initial copies of the album). The Masses Against The Classes (Live) - Spain 1trk Promo CD (given away free in record stores to promote the Manics' forthcoming tour dates). Know Your Enemy - UK Promo CD 6trk Album Sampler (alternate artwork). So Why So Sad: Sean Penn Mix Avalanches - UK 1trk 'Abbey Road Studios' Promo CD-R (alternate artwork). So Why So Sad - Euro 1trk Promo CD (Found That Soul style artwork). So Why So Sad / Found That Soul - Euro Limited Edition 2trk CD Single. Ocean Spray - Australia 4trk CD Single (includes acoustic version of So Why So Sad). Issued in 2001

19. A Collection - UK Promo 2CD - double compact disc compilation presented in a Digipak, sent by Sony / ATV Music - MSP's music publishers - to contacts in advertising, television etc. Disc 1 features 10 original songs, while Disc 2 has 7 remixes. Issued in 2001.

20. Forever Delayed - UK 20trk Promo CD (alternate artwork). There By The Grace Of God - UK 1trk Radio Edit Promo CD (alternate artwork). Motorcycle Emptiness - UK 1trk Promo CD-R (contains the 3.58 radio edit of the 2002 Forever Delayed Remix). Notably, there is also a UK 2trk Promo CD-R featuring the track Forever Delayed, backed with the above-stated Motorcycle Emptiness - Forever Delayed Remix, which is housed in a plain white paper cover with text / PVC sleeve. There is even an alternate double PVC wallet promo, where both songs are on separate UK 1trk Promo CD-Rs with an info stickered sleeve. All three of these promos are exceptionally scarce! Issued in 2002.

Interestingly, to coincide with the group's sold out Winter 2002 UK Arena Tour, and to also give the song the chance of achieving a much higher chart placing this time around, it would seem that there may have once been marketing plans in place, to possibly put out the Motorcycle Emptiness - Forever Delayed Remix, after There By The Grace Of God?

R*E*P*E*A*T EXCLUSIVE (April 2020) - MSP Producer Dave Eringa on the 2002 remix: "We did do a different version of Motorcycle around that time - it was the original version, but with the drums replaced with the drum part Sean plays live and a new mix, but I never liked the new version and I think the band felt the same, because it was never used for anything! Sometimes you just try stuff and it doesn't work out how you imagine!"

Instead, the original 1992 Mix of Motorcycle Emptiness - an untouchable classic - was released in Europe as a 3trk CD Single in late 2002, which also included Forever Delayed as one of the b-sides. There are actually two versions of this CD Single - one is much more common and features Motorcycle Emptiness, Forever Delayed and a live acoustic rendition of Little Baby Nothing as Track 3. While the other version, is ultra rare and has Motorcycle Emptiness plus live acoustic renditions of Faster and Little Baby Nothing. This CD Single was primarily sold in Finland and can attract sizeable sums of money!

With regard to Forever Delayed, it is widely-known that at the time, MSP eagerly wanted this song to be a single and to appear on Forever Delayed - there are even reports that suggest it was once considered for inclusion on the Japanese Greatest Hits compilation, as a bonus track. In a 2006 interview with R*E*P*E*A*T, James reiterated this fact: "I can't believe we fucking released an album called Forever Delayed, and had a track called Forever Delayed, and we didn't put it on the album and we didn't release it as a single!?! I think that's a great lost single, definitely!"

My theory is, is that Epic (Sony Music) perhaps felt that There By The Grace Of God had much greater commercial potential and would therefore hopefully be 'A Listed' on radio playlists, thus receiving substantially more airplay and becoming a 'Hit'. Which the single was, charting at #5 on the UK Top 40 in October 2002 and so serving its purpose, by promoting the Manic Street Preachers' forthcoming Greatest Hits to as many listeners as possible!

21. Lifeblood - UK 12trk Album Promo CD-R (alternate artwork). The Love Of Richard Nixon - UK 1trk Promo CD-R (same artwork as used for the limited edition numbered slipcase, sent to MSP Fans signed up to the band's mailing list). Empty Souls - UK 1trk Promo CD-R (alternate cropped artwork). Issued in 2004. God Save The Manics - UK 3trk EP CD (3000 copies. This was self-financed by the band - catalogue number MSPCD01 - and given away free to concert-goers, after the final date of their 'Past / Present / Future Tour' at the London Hammersmith Apollo on 19th April 2005. This decision proved to be very controversial however, as boxes of CDs were simply left unattended by venue staff at the building's exits, with some selfish people taking armfuls of EPs when leaving and then reselling them on websites such as eBay, at inflated prices! They remain highly-coveted and pricey to this day. Fortunately, fans signed-up to the band's mailing list, were also given the opportunity to receive a copy via mail order on a first-come, first-served basis, by sending a stamped SAE. Fans could also download a free digital version of the EP from the official Manic Street Preachers website. Issued in 2005.

22. James Dean Bradfield / Nicky Wire Solo Careers - The Great Western UK 11trk Album Promo CD-R (alternate artwork). That's No Way To Tell A Lie - UK 1trk Promo CD (alternate artwork). I Killed The Zeitgeist - UK 4trk Promo CD-R Album Sampler (only 10 copies exist, which also include an original piece of artwork by Nicky. They were given away in a Guardian Unlimited competition). I Killed The Zeitgeist - Germany 13trk Album Promo CD-R. The Shining Path - UK 1trk Promo CD-R (custom artwork by Nicky, very small quantity pressed). Issued in 2006. Rejuvenated after this period, MSP then dived straight into one of their most successful and popular eras as a band... Send Away The Tigers - UK Promo CD-R 4trk Album Sampler (cropped artwork). Underdogs - UK 1trk Promo CD (exclusive compact disc version, as this song was only ever released as a limited edition 7" vinyl - 1000 only - with a free jumbo-sized David LaChapelle quote sticker inside). Issued in 2007

23. Best Of - Japan 15trk Promo CD-R (a compilation of material from the Manics' back catalogue, produced as part of the promotional campaign for the Journal For Plague Lovers LP. Custom printed disc with title / tracklisting details and a unique, self-contained fold-out poster sleeve, featuring artwork from all of MSP's records up to and including Journal For Plague Lovers. Release and discography details are on the reverse, with all text in Japanese. Also includes the non-single, Rendition). Issued in 2009.

24. Peeled Apples - UK 1trk Promo CD-R ('focus track', doesn't include spoken-word sample on album version, very small quantity pressed). Jackie Collins Existential Question Time (Radio Edit) - UK 1trk Promo CD-R ('focus track' with custom, copy-edited Richey typewritten artwork, very small quantity pressed). Issued in 2009

25. Journal For Plague Lovers - UK 13trk CD Album (front cover was deemed unsuitable for sale in certain supermarkets and so these copies were packaged in a cardboard slipcase), UK 5trk Remixes EP Promo CD-R (very small quantity pressed), UK 14trk Remixes Promo CD-R (very small quantity pressed) and Cooking - Cleaning - Flower Arranging: Journal For Plague Lovers Remixes 12" Double Vinyl (300 only Rough Trade Exclusive with sticker-sealed sleeve). The remixes can also be downloaded from selected streaming services. Issued in 2009
*On the North American version of Journal For Plague Lovers, all of the sampled sound-bites were removed, most likely because of issues over international copyright clearance. First pressings of the Vinyl and CD also come with a download code inside, which at the time, enabled music fans / consumers to redeem 10 JFPL Remixes. While in Japan, initial copies of the standard Journal For Plague Lovers release (packaged in a CD jewel case), came with three 5" x 3" postcards featuring MSP photographs taken by Mitch Ikeda.

26. Postcards From A Young Man - UK 2trk Promo CD-R (custom postcard artwork, very small quantity pressed). This Is The Day - UK 1trk Promo CD-R (custom crown artwork, very small quantity pressed). Issued in 2011.

27. National Treasures: The Selected Singles - UK 14trk 12" Vinyl (released exclusively as part of Q Magazine's 25th Anniversary and available in selected branches of WHSmith or online. The long player has a gatefold cover, packaged in a plastic outer sleeve with 'belly band' and includes Issue 304 (November) of Q Magazine, with Manic Street Preachers on the front. The Endless Plain Of Fortune (a John Cale cover version), was previously unreleased and exclusive to this record). Issued in 2011.

28. On Track With SEAT - UK 4trk 12" Vinyl (all songs were recorded in the SEAT On Track studio, direct to vinyl in one take, for the titular television programme. Only 100 were ever pressed and the very first copy hot off the press, was signed by James, Nicky and Sean. The TV show is available to watch on YouTube.) Issued in 2011.

29. Rewind The Film - UK 1trk Promo CD-R (very small quantity pressed, same artwork as Album Promo). Show Me The Wonder - UK 2trk Promo CD-R (alternate artwork, very small quantity pressed). Anthem For A Lost Cause - UK 2trk Radio Edit Promo CD-R (very small quantity pressed). Futurology - UK 13trk Promo CD-R (alternate artwork). Walk Me To The Bridge - UK 1trk Promo CD-R (very small quantity pressed). Futurology - UK 1trk Radio Edit Promo CD-R (very small quantity pressed). Europa Geht Durch Mich - UK 2trk 12" Vinyl (released on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label, who was commissioned to do 2 remixes of Europa. Limited to 300 copies). Issued in 2013-2014.

*Something worth mentioning about Promo CD-Rs / CDs, is that due to the surging growth and popularity of streaming music nowadays, and with very few physical single releases being made anymore, the production of promotional discs has been drastically reduced. Sadly, for collectors / completists, and certainly with the Manics, after Rewind The Film and Futurology, there has only been a very small quantity of Album Promo CD-Rs pressed for each marketing campaign, and none for singles or 'focus tracks'.

30. No Surface All Feeling - UK 1trk 7" Vinyl (this song was pressed 100 times along with 6 other tracks for the 2018 'Secret 7"' project where each pressing of the single, was given a unique cover by a different creative contributor. The sleeves were chosen from winning entries by either unknown or renowned artists, designers and illustrators. All 700 covers were then exhibited at The Jetty, Greenwich Pier in London, prior to going on sale on 24th Jun 2018 with a £50 price tag, on a first-come, first-served basis, in aid of the mental health charity, Mind. Buyers don’t know who created the artwork or even which song it’s for, until they have parted with their cash - although some sleeves / tracks are guessable. All remaining copies were sold via an eBay online auction the following week). Issued in 2018 *Sony Legacy were this year's record label partner, hence MSP's involvement.

31. BONUS ADDITIONS: Assorted UK 12" DJ Promo Remixes Vinyls - A Design For Life (2trk sticker-sealed die-cut sleeve), Everything Must Go (3trk sticker-sealed die-cut sleeve), Kevin Carter (3trk sticker-sealed die-cut sleeve), Australia (3trk sticker-sealed die-cut sleeve), If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (3trk sticker-sealed sleeve), The Everlasting (4trk sticker-sealed sleeve), You Stole The Sun From My Heart (2trk sticker-sealed sleeve), Tsunami (2trk sticker-sealed sleeve), So Why So Sad: Sean Penn Mix - Avalanches (1trk special 3D sleeve), Ocean Spray: Medicine Remix (1trk) and Let Robeson Sing: Felix Da Housecat Mixes (2trk). Issued in 1996-2001. Manic Street Preachers Remixed - USA 9trk Promo CD (contains remixes of selected This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours tracks). Issued in 1998.

32. Assorted Japan Exclusives (all commercially available, including a handful of CD Singles with alternate artwork). Gold Against The Soul - 15trk 2CD Set (includes different band picture discs for both the CD album and 'Live In Japan' 5trk CD, recorded at Club Citta Kawasaki, 13th May 1992, plus an expanded 32 page Mitch Ikeda photo booklet, all housed in a 'Fat Box'). This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - 15trk CD (contains a 32 page deluxe booklet and an extra fold-out 21 page booklet of band photographs, in a thick jewel case). Stars And Stripes: Generation Terrorists US Mix - 8trk Mini-Album CD (original first pressing includes sticker sheet). You Love Us - 4trk CD (features an alternate mix of the Heavenly version). La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) - 6trk CD. Roses In The Hospital - 6trk CD (original first pressing includes a limited edition circular shaped booklet). A Design For Life - 4trk CD. Everything Must Go - 4trk CD. Further Away - 4trk CD. Nobody Loved You - 4trk CD (uses The Everlasting artwork). Know Our B-sides - 7trk CD (with 1 CD-ROM Video). Forever Delayed EP - 6trk CD (with 2 CD-ROM Videos). Issued in 1992-2003 *Although not pictured, the Japanese release of Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) has the b-sides, Never Want Again and Dead Yankee Drawl, which both have slightly reworked intros compared to the versions that appear on Part 1 of the UK CD Single for Little Baby Nothing. One of the b-sides from the Slash N' Burn UK CD Single, Ain't Goin' Down, is also included.


33. 'MANICS 4 REAL' - Japan Limited Edition Paper Sleeve Mini-Vinyl LP Replica 2CD Sets: Generation Terrorists, Gold Against The Soul, The Holy Bible, Everything Must Go, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours, Know Your Enemy, Lifeblood and Send Away The Tigers (8-part reissue series, remastered with b-sides from respective eras not included on Lipstick Traces. Each record also comes adorned with a traditional wraparound OBI strip and a pair of booklets, containing brand new liner notes written in Japanese). Issued in 2009

*In Japan, music fans / consumers are encouraged to purchase more expensively priced domestic releases, be it albums, mini-albums, eps or singles - rather than importing cheaper CDs - with the inclusion of additional 'Bonus Tracks' as an incentive. With MSP, these have typically been studio recordings that are, or will eventually be, b-sides in the UK. Sometimes however, the tracks do remain exclusive to Japan, such as The Soulmates and Antarctic (Lifeblood), Alien Orders / Invisible Armies and Primitive Painters (Journal For Plague Lovers), plus Mirror Gaze (Resistance Is Futile). Also of note, is how the deluxe editions of Rewind The Film and Futurology, even have a number of exclusive 'Live At The O2' songs which were recorded during the Manic Street Preachers' for one night only concert: 'A Night Of National Treasures - The Complete Singles Live' on 17th December 2011. So, although a mixture of 'Live At The O2' tracks are available via UK deluxe editions and official digital downloads, in order to add more to their MSP Collections, fans will need to buy the above-named Japanese CDs. Unusually though - and for those keeping a checklist - the full 38 song set list is yet to be completed.

34. Assorted International Cassette Exclusives. A Design For Life - Australia 4trk Single (forest artwork). Australia - Australia 4trk Single (sheep artwork). This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - Turkey 13trk blue coloured MC. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - New Zealand 15trk Album (alternate sleeve design, also including 2 bonus b-sides). Acoustic Versions: Carlsberg Cool Party Manic Mania - 4trk Thailand Promo. Forever Delayed - 20trk Malaysia Album. Lipstick Traces - Indonesia 35trk Double Album. Lifeblood - Indonesia 12trk Album. Issued in 1996-2004

35. Assorted Reissues with special packaging. Everything Must Go - UK 12trk 'Carbon Neutral Entertainment Range' CD. Forever Delayed - UK 20trk 'Discbox Slider' CD. Original Album Classics - UK 3CD Box Set (single sleeve CDs resembling Mini-Vinyl LPs but without booklets, as full album credits are to be accessed online). Everything Must Go - UK 12trk 'Travel Wallet' (manufactured by TravelTunes and comprised of a plastic EMG travel card holder, with a full album download code inside). Generation Terrorists - UK 18trk 'London Rocks! Music Made In The UK' CD (Digipak released during the lead up to the 2012 Summer Olympics, as part of a wider Sony Music marketing campaign). Issued in 2007-2012.

36. Assorted Promos & Samplers with unique artwork, song edits / mixes or titles. New Art Riot EP - UK 4trk White Label 12" Vinyl. You Love Us (Heavenly) - UK 1trk Radio Edit 7" Vinyl (500 copies pressed). Motorcycle Emptiness - Spain 3trk 7" Vinyl. Gold Against The Soul - Australia 10trk Advance Cassette. From Despair To Where - UK 1trk CD. From Despair To Where - Spain 1trk 7" Vinyl (uses Gold Against The Soul artwork). La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) - UK 1trk CD. La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) - USA 1trk CD (uses From Despair To Where artwork and the title is reversed). Roses In The Hospital - UK 1trk 'The Hit Factory' Radio Edit CD-R.

A Design For Life (working title) - UK 4trk Album Sampler Test Cassette. Everything Must Go - Euro 12trk CD. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - New Zealand 13trk CD-R (possibly has the original running order, as track 1 is Ready For Drowning, track 4 is The Everlasting, track 6 is Black Dog On My Shoulder and track 11 is My Little Empire. The full South Yorkshire Mass Murderer title is also used). James Dean Bradfield: The Great Western (untitled at this stage) - UK 5trk CD-R Album Sampler. That's No Way To Tell A Lie (Guy Massey Mix) - UK 1trk CD-R. Nicky Wire: The Shining Path (I Killed The Zeitgeist's working title) - UK 13trk CD-R. The Great Western / I Killed The Zeitgeist - Japan 27trk CD-R (includes both James and Nicky's solo albums together, along with 'Japan Only Bonus Tracks', on the same compact disc). Although not pictured, there are also a couple of German Promo DVDs (without artwork)... James Dean Bradfield: The Great Western - 30min Interview EPK. Nicky Wire: Break My Heart Slowly - 1trk Music Video.

Forever Heavenly - UK 5trk CD-R (contains tracks recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall, London on 12th September 2008 to celebrate 18 years of Heavenly Records). Postcards From A Young Man (Instrumental Versions) - UK 12trk CD-R (there is also a UK 18trk Interview CD-R available). This Is The Day - China 2trk CD-R. Rewind The Film - UK 12trk CD-R (As Holy As The Soil (That Buries Your Skin) has an intro featuring a sample from the Captain Beefheart song, The Dust Blows Forward 'N The Dust Blows Back, which had to be removed from the official release). Issued in 1990-2013.



Steve Bateman