Hunting - Sad, Sick and Sabbed!

Hunting is a dirty, evil, outdated "sport" all about killing things- if you think this is wrong then keep reading and learn how to stop it.

What it is + how 2 stop it!

The cub-hunting season starts in August/September and is followed by the fox hunting season from
November to March/May.
The huntsman will encourage the hounds to search a covert (pronounced cover), which is a small
forest or wooded area. The night before the hunt, the terrier men will have blocked up any earths that a fox may find refuge in. Sabs will call the hounds out of the covert and over to them using horn and voice calls. The gizmo is also used, this is a tape recording of the excited barking hounds make when they get the scent of a fox, and this is played through a loudspeaker. The hounds come running thinking other hounds have a scent. If the hounds do get onto a scent of a fox before sabs can call them out of the covert the sabs will rate (chastise) them using horn and voice calls and cracking a whip which will hopefully stop the hounds in there tracks. Sabs will spray citronella in front of the hounds to mask the scent of any fox. Citronella is harmless oil used in that aromatherapy shit.
If the fox does manage to escape down a earth the terrier men will put their dogs down so the fox either runs out only to be re-hunted or dug out to be shot, bludgeoned or thrown live to the waiting
hounds. If Sabs are there they will sit on the earth not allowing the terrier men at the fox.

How YOU can help
So you have to get up early, face awkward police, a bit of stick from the hunt but it is bloody worth it when you run off with the whole pack and look back to see angry and confused bunch of scum
deprived of their chance to kill our wildlife. Despite the fact that sabbing is hard it is so worth it and gives you increased self-confidence. We need sabs this season so contact your local group. If you genuinely cannot sab you may consider fundraising or donating money or equipment e.g. garden sprays, CB equipment, camera equipment, binoculars, mobile phones, camouflage clothing, vans, computer equipment, padlocks, D-Locks, cable ties, office equipment, first aid equipment and steel toe capped black boots or black trainers, stamps etc as groups always need these things.

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Bite Back!!

Jo H
Northants HSA
Contact the address below by post OR ring us on
07939 445598 - 24hr answer phone OR click here


Hunt Saboteurs Association
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For a pic of Jo in his early days with R*E*P*E*A*T, check out the archive page here!

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