The R*E*P*E*A*T Hit and Miss List 2018

'The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists.'
H. Allen Smith

'Lists are anti-democratic, discriminatory, elitist, and sometimes the print is too small.'
David Ives

Everyone's making lists this time of year, so here's mine. Only of course I've refused to be bound by useless categories, and ended up with a massive splurge of things that were, or should have been, massive in 2018

* Squeezing into Spillers Record Store to see Idles the day their album had debuted at number 5; I don't think I'll ever see another gig like that. 'Joy as An Act of Resistance' is a great record too.

Idles at Spillers

* The campaign to save Swansea resident Otis from deportation -despite it being Christmas holidays and the deportation centre being officially 'closed' (apart for pushing people onto planes), a group of dedicated Swansea anti racists have managed at least to postpone his deportation. However the fight is no way totally won; sign the petition here.

* Bandicoot and Al Moses at The Bunk House – thanks to both bands and audience, this was by far the most exciting, inspiring, chaotic gig I've been to since returning to Swansea, reminding me of the best R*E*P*E*A*T and Washing Machine Nights. Good job Swansea Music Hub.


* Beverley Kills, Bugeye and Werecats at The Portland Arms celebrating The Bevs tenth birthday; what a thrill and fun packed night, what an incredible 10 years.

* Jacks Against Racism and Fascism – the way the campaign caught on reminds us that we, the anti racists, are the vast majority; we just need the confidence to put the bigots back in their box.

* You Flexi Thing vol 4 which sold out more or less straightaway; what an honour to work with GaffaTape Sandy and Goldblume. Won us our first TV appearance since the 90s as well!


* Watching Gabby Rivers and Influx of Insanity blossom from being young performers to mature (if still school aged) acts sweeping all before them in festivals, big gigs and band comps.


* Humiliating Tommy Robinson supporters in Cambridge in July.

* Petrol Girls and Baby Seals, Portland Arms, 26.4.18. Alternately furious and humorous, always barbed and righteous, articulate and inspiring, Grrl Powered protest for our times.

A Petrol Girl and a Beverley Kill after the Portland Gig

* My new view of the sea day and night – looking out across Swansea Bay as far as fiery, fumy Port Talbot in one direction and the flashing photogenic Mumbles lighthouse in the other every morning and evening is a daily delight.


* Bury St Edmunds Rock City, a place I always feel at home and which I miss loads. The All Dayer and the Tundra gig plus Fightmilk and Kulk were especially memorable.

* Strawberry Fair, especially The Love Music Hate Racism stage.

Sinbad at Strawberry Fair

* The young Swansea City team playing with daring, passion and some naivety in a season which looks set to be free of the anxiety of both relegation and play off anxieties.

* Watching one of my favourite bands ever, The Skids, soundcheck in Bedford in May, preceded by an exclusive book reading and chat with Richard Jobson in a cafe.

* God Hates Astronauts and Eeeyore – two bands with massive sounds who deserve massive futures...

* All the young performers I've worked with (including the Bury St Edmunds crew); what a talented, exciting, switched on bunch who give me hope for the future. Special mention to Vibration for their incredible debut ep with the raucous launch gig, The Batts for their non stop evolution and development and the super talented Soundwave, whose first release we are half way through recording.


* R*E*P*E*A*T website and its fantastic contributors; the longest running and best chip chomping, Tory trashing, cider swilling, badger beloving Manics inspired website in the world. Some of our recent articles, reviews, gig pix and rants have been really top class, exclusive and definitive; nearly 4 million hits from over 3,00,000 people in 2018. Thanks everyone.

* Top sets from The Lovely Eggs and Shonen Knife, both at the Portland and both showing the enduring power of female fronted punk rock. With 'This is Eggland', The Lovely Eggs seem ready to take the next step.

* Being part of the enormous, vibrant, diverse and angry anti Trump protests in Cambridge and London; what a potential we have to change things.

* Acts of Fear and Love – Slaves; Destined for the Outside – Werecats; Meat Head – Gaffa Tape Sandy; Combat Sports – The Vaccines; Islands – Ash; Grow Up – Desperate Journalist.


* Ali from Idealistics duetting with James Dean Bradifield during Little Baby Nothing.

* Bad Education, This Country and People Just Do Nothing...


Foxy Ramone Doin' it for the Kidz
Pic Christine P

* My school leaving party – what other teacher would be treated to such an afternoon of punk rock mayhem to mark their leaving?

* Lemondaze at the Green Mind Christmas Party

* Successfully introducing my take on badgers and badges to Swansea.

* R*E*P*E*A*T (anti) Christmas Party

Bad Touch - The Lost Volts at the R*E*P*E*A*T (anti) Christmas Party

* Dick Barton's chip shop (what R*E*P*E*A*T list would be complete without at least one chip reference?)

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T January 2019
Photos taken from my Flickr Collection of Gig Pix here