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You Flexi Thing Vol 3
'Venus Envy'

The Baby Seals
"The Baby Seals stick two fingers up to expectations and notions of femininity" - Punktastic
Beverley Kills
“a blistering testament to why punk rock will never die” - XYZ

Released October 20th; launch Gig, October 21st, Blue Moon, Cambridge.

Available from repeatfanzine.bandcamp.com

R*E*P*E*A*T's You Flexi Thing Volume 3 is a Grrl Powered bendy orange slab of punk rock energy, harmonies and attitude. Featuring two of the best all female bands in the country, it reflects a new combative mood - we're not going to shut up and sit down any more!

Venus Envy - You Flexi Thing Vol 3 by The Baby Seals / Beverley Kills

The Baby Seals formed sometime in 2016, two sisters and their bestie who were just making each other laugh with their hilarious songs. They write catchy tunes about important issues such as equal pay, body image, masturbation and Nipple Hair. Songwriter Kerry says of 'Vibrator', the song on the flexi, 'Growing up, masturbation was always seen as such a shameful negative thing. Why? Having a tommy tank is good for you - clinically proven. Fact. End Of. Physically, mentally, emotionally - it ticks all the boxes. Why is this not celebrated?'

Their notoriety as a great live act has led to them sharing stages with the likes of The Districts (US), Petrol Girls(CZ), Milk Teeth (UK), Round Eye (China), Acid Tongue (US) and PINS (UK).

"The Baby Seals are a smart, talented group of girls who know how to shout back against oppressive patriarchal values – and have a shit load of fun at the same time." (Gigslutz).

"What makes [The Baby Seals] special is the voice it gives to women and, aside from the bigger issues, the day to day aspects of their lives. Stick it on, laugh and enjoy." Punktastic

Formed in the summer of 2008, Beverley Kills launched their all-girl punk-rock attack shortly after their first jam and have never looked back. The band have played all over the country, sharing bills with acts such as The Slits [who dubbed them, “Best support of the tour”], GBH [whose bassist Ross Lomas purred, "You might be our new favourite band"], China Drum, Deadcuts, Grant Hart (RIP), Snuff and The Primitives. With plays and interviews on the BBC and independent radio stations behind them, and a frantic live show, the grrrls of Beverley Kills fully intend to continue blazing their own punk rock trail.


Great all-girl punky power-pop, sorta like the Muffs or the Fastbacks with a more aggressive vocalist and a dirtier guitar sound …” XFM

Available from repeatfanzine.bandcamp.com