The spirit of '76. In a candle
A Sex Pistols Scented Tin Candle no less

Amazon Review By Phil Rose Esq

(this product (cat no. CA327) is genuine - look here!)

This is quite simply everything the Malcolm McLaren was fighting for when he said that 'people are sick and tired of this country telling them what to do.'

If Sid Vicious had known, as he gurgled his life away in a pool of unpleasantness, that some day his dream would come true and would be encapsulated in a candle, and not just any old candle but a SCENTED candle, I think he might have died a lot happier man. Of course, had he an Nancy only been able to light one of these candles in the Chelsea Hotel, well it might have been a very different story. A pleasant atmosphere could have averted the bickering that led to a knife in the gut.

Lastly, perhaps the Sex Pistols music might have been a happier thing altogether if the studios on Denmark Street could only have been warmed by the pleasant scent of one of these masterpieces. How the world might have been different if only these beautiful items had been available back then.

Phil Rose Esq

Alternative Lyrics

I am an antichrist.
I made my home smell nice.
Don't know what I want, but I know how to cast a subtly flickering glow over it.
I want to dispel
An unpleasant smell.
And I
Want a C