Getting Gigs in Cambridge

Think you've got what it takes to fill this space?
Send us an e-mail saying why we should believe you... but read this first!

At present we have far more bands wanting to play than we have nights - we've been promoting for nearly 25 years now and we feel we've learnt the right to be fussy! We may need a lot of convincing that requests from bands are really what we are into - ie confrontational, intelligent, melody
soaked, glamorous and with a good line in arm twisting.

So be prepared to persuade us of your worth. Emails to are a good start. Have a sniff around our site to check that you are indeed the sort of thing we're into. Send us an incendiary missive, spelling out why you're the best band in the world. Let us know if you're likely to pull in any punters (helpful but not essential if you really are THAT brilliant!). Here's the place to start:

Mail R*E*P*E*A*T here

Once you've looked around this website you SHOULD have worked out what we like and what we don't. You probably realise that we're not likely to put on any alt country, r'n'b soulsters, retro metal or twiddly muso wankers. Attitude is far more important to us than ability, but we do love a good tune.

We currently promote in The Portland Arms, Relevant Records and CB2s (acoustic gigs). Many of our gigs are benefits for Love Music
Hate Racism. Bands are implored to look round this website to start to find out what R*E*P*E*A*T is all about before requesting a gig
with us!

Other promoters worth contacting in Cambridge (but don't tell 'em we sent ya!):

Green Mind put on acts in a variety of venues from the small (Portland) to the medium (APU) to the enormous (Junction). Simon is into post rock but has put on a wide selection of bands including Jesus and Mary Chain, The Lovely Eggs, Jetplane Landing, Robyn Hitchcock, Campeg Velocet, X Is Loaded and members of Busted (allegedly). Take a look here and mail him at

The Cornerhouse on Newmarket Road is run by Jo, another real music fan. They put on a range of stuff, take a look here