Three Weeks to Stop the BNP...
An Anti Nazi Timetable

Dear All
We've less than 3 weeks to stop the BNP getting MEPs, with all that entails. While it would be a nightmare to wake up on June 5th and find we're being represented by a Nazi, it would be even worse if we woke up on June 5th and found that this had happened and knew that we hadn't done ALL we could to prevent it. With the mainstream politicians apparently eager to score as many own goals as possible, it falls to ordinary people like us to make a stand for the anti racist majority.

Please do what you can-

Week one - May 18th - 24th
Love Art Hate Discrimination Exhibition, Cambridge Resource Centre, 47-51 Norfolk Street, 10am til 4pm, weekdays til June 5th; preview Sun May 24th 5-7pm
Leaflet Long Rd /Hills Rd / suitable gigs for the carnival
Saturday 23rd - stall in town
Sunday May 24th - Attila the Stockbroker / David Rovics gig, CB2s - tickets here
Week two - May 25th - 31st
Leaflet Long Rd /Hills Rd / suitable gigs for the carnival
Any week day lunchtime - stalls in town / at uni
Friday 29th - 'Unity Friday' - stall in town, leaflet at railway station 4.30 what else?
Saturday 30th - Carnival in Stoke - details here
Saturday 30th - stall in town - anyone not in Stoke!!


Week 3 June 1st - June 6th
Any week day lunchtime - stalls in town / at uni
June 4th - election day - should we do something then - what will election law allow?
June 6th - Strawberry fair stall

Other stuff it would be great to do anytime
Leafleting (yr own street or beyond)
Huntingdon eg get a stall at the candidates question time (date tbc)
Write letters to paper, let CEN know that the BNP aren't a nice clean alternative.
Use internet message boards, facebook etc to spread the word

Remember every little you can do makes a difference. At no notice I spoke at NAS/UWT regional equality conference on Saturday and inspired delegates to take away 2000 purple leaflets for their workmates and their streets. That wasn't me making a coherent speech, it was the obvious rightness of the cause. Tomorrow I hope to make a short statement in my staff room and give out purple leaflets - no one will vote BNP after reading them. The harder task is to get them to vote for someone else.

We've helped create a fantastic anti-racist current in Cambridge and are in a position to influence many people to strike a blow against the Nazis.
Good luck everyone; remember, as my hero PB Shelley said' "we are many, they are few"