Towers of London

SOME questions might be raised by the choice for this issues 'Do You Remember', like, "Why would I want to remember them?" or "Remember? I've never forgot!!", or maybe something else, with swearing in it. But I think it' s a good choice. Firstly, let's forget about the reality TV and the shit second album. Let's forget about the tabloid stories and the line-up change. Let's just remember the beginning.

Back in 2004, the first Towers of London demo was doing the rounds and creating a bit of excitement on the London scene. The band we're touring heavily, getting a bit of attention from the music press and were soon signed to the American Label TVT. I remember the first time I saw a picture of them, they looked amazing, like a cross between The Manics and Motley Crue. The name was great, I liked them instantly before I'd even heard any music.

The Towers were a band living on the edge, they walked it like they talked it, and actually seemed dangerous. This was the band that many people had been waiting for. The charts were full of shit like Keane and Snow Patrol etc. and I, like many others, thought that The Towers would be the band that we could grab on to.

But, it just didn't work out like that. The debut album, 'Blood, Sweat, and Towers', was pretty good, it sounded kinda like The Sex Pistols with Slash on guitar, but I think that was one of the problems. The songs just weren't a match for anything by the Pistols or G'n'R. If Donny had been able to capture the imagination of the British youth the way Jonny Rotten or even Billie Joe Armstrong did, then The Towers could have had it all. Sadly though, it was all downhill from there.

Apparently the Towers of London are writing new material for a third album, maybe this time they'll pull it off and 'kill the pop scene' like they promised to do in the beginning. Until then though, I'll just remember that first time I heard of them.

Text by Glen

First printed in Override fanzine, used with permission

Pix by Alessia of The White Queen Website