Noir Desir

crazy crazy techno cats, long haired acoustic undesirables, anti rat racers in familiar spaces, unconfident faces, passionate dirge, uninformed verse, tasteless taste, anti populist popularity contest, new york/ new mexico and everyone in between love me with two clicks, dead kids talking, ironic grime heads, middle class ghettoists, epileptic flash action showing nothing but eyeball and fringe distracting from the puppy fat,, charmless wonders, harmless thunder, a world of watery piss poor princesses of caricature electro, banksy induced comas of graphic design slag heaps. Braaat Braaat! got any pills mate? End a sentence in a higher pitch than the rest of the sentence. I was the first to like them. in fact fuck it i don't like it anymore i like Jimmy and the jam rags now. Neon waif goons of the finish line of philosophy, the pinnacle of lazy hedonism, stupidty for the moment and unmemorable waves of plankton like psychological development. Statements minus the statement, idealism without ideals and most importantly of all art without the question.

David Pinder