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R*E*P*E*A*T Records Press Release
A Limited Edition 7” Hardcore Black Vinyl Single

Volunteers’ “Give Me Strength” / “Lost And Found”
Impact’s “The Barren landscape Of You”

In aid of Love Music Hate Racism

"What's this?... a hardcore head gets a dub head to get a metal head who invites a funk head to play blinding speed hardcore punk rock?
Yep!... Its the Volunteers about to "change your fuckin' life!"
We love it - Karate kickin' , positive tellin', no Fuckin' about!
Its the new 7" release from the Volunteers on R*E*P*E*A*T RECORDS.
We cry, "Give us strength!!! - Get lost and found",
What a bonus, we have our good brothers, Impact on the flip.
Things get better and better!!!"

R*E*P*E*A*T Records is proud to announce that the next in its highly collectable series of coloured vinyl singles will be a hardcore punk release on hardcore black vinyl, featuring Volunteers and Impact.

Volunteers are a sort of old school hardcore supergroup, featuring ex members of the near legendary Jacob’s Mouse and Chevette. Volunteers play superfast hardcore punk to promote health, vitality and wellbeing. They aint fucking about. Within a few months of forming, they were already packing out venues across the south east, lured in by the intensity of their frantic blasts of speedcore punk rock. They were included on the Love Music Hate Racism compilation ‘Fear Of A Black Kennett’, and John Peel was won over. Now it’s your turn.

Impact are the spiritual little brothers of Volunteers. They play crushing punky hardcore in the vein of bands like Strife and Bane. Their hard hitting gigs have amassed troops of loyal fans, united by the sense of release from small town boredom vented in the band’s energy, anger and conviction. Impact are pissed off, aggressive and intelligent, they are thus perfectly armed to make you sit up and take notice. Genuine, raucous, dangerous, angry, without pretension or scenemongering, and brimming over with inarticulate rage, Impact are 100% 4 Real. They shout and scream and leap and holler and encourage the audience to do the same. Yes, Impact are mighty pissed off about something and they want you to know it. Impact are coming to get you and they’ll take no prisoners.

To promote the single, Volunteers and Impact will be playing the following dates together. A skateboarding injury means these have had to be rescheduled so for updates and added shows please check out the website.