Digital by Birth Xmas Message

Every year I do my band's Christmas message and every year it’s pretty much the same but I figure it goes out to slightly more people each time
so here we go. . .

Basically it goes back to when I was about seven or so years old and my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I can honestly say
there was absolutely nothing I wanted to get, not one thing. I remember looking at the Argos Xmas catalogue and thinking “ what’s wrong with
me? Why is there nothing I want??? ” Well I wish I’d stuck to my guns and realised I didn’t need anything and just because this pseudo-Christian celebration dictated that I should, I didn’t actually have to ask for anything. Well I was a kid so instead I went for an “Action Force” Hovercraft, which started off an obsession of buying these said military toys for years even past the age I was probably too old for them. You see what I’ve realised since is I bought – or had
bought for me – these toys which I would play with for a few days, then abandon, looking for the next one, always the next one. Mainly it was to
fill a void. I’ve read the Dalai Lamas “Book of Awakens” since and I see this now as a clear embodiment of what he talks about, ie we desire
something but soon get bored of it and without actual spiritual happiness we are doomed to repeat the procedure of buying and tiring of something again and again until we realise what we really need in within us.

There’s much more I could say like this celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth is actually a sham as there’s no evidence he was actually born on this day and that the Christian Church merely tagged it onto an existing pagan festival as a means of converting followers to their thinking OR
that there’s no need to ONLY be nice to people at Xmas and not all the time instead or even that you shouldn’t be forced to buy gifts for people just because of the fact that it’s universally expected at this time of year without question, while making billions for all manner of companies and such, instead of just buying a gift when you want to, at any old time. Or even that the “true” message of Christmas has been diluted by Capitalism BUT instead I’m going to finish with this . . .

Images by Phil Rose esq