Bury St Edmunds
Rock City

The release of our recent Bury St Edmunds compilation (available along with Horse Party stuff here) has rekindled interest in the scene of that small but very creative market town.

Over the past 15 or so years, R*E*P*E*A*T has been very pleased to be involved in the musical life of #BSERockCity. Recent excavations have uncovered the following gems (some of which are in very limited supply) which we are selling off very cheap. Most of these releases are not available from Bandcamp or (in most cases) digitally.

You can pay by paypal - if you have any trouble with the buttons you can pay direct richard_rose@hotmail.com, or mail me for help or to check availability etc rosey@repeatfanzine.co.uk

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The Dawn Parade

17 track Greatest Hits CDr
The record that should have made their name



Ten City Nation

Album on CD - £3

Silent Disco / Flashing Lights
(Split vinyl single with The Shills)
£2.50 inc




Open Mouth

Solo Project of Seymour of Horse Party

CD Album: Import / Export - £5

Vinyl single : Castle Keep / 327
split single with Dexy




CD album - Know Yourself - £5 inc

Split vinyl single with Impact
Give Me Strength / Lost and Found




Fear of a Black Kennett

21 track CD featuring (from Bury) Miss Black America, The Dawn Parade, Volunteers and The Exiles, plus tracks from Asian Dub Foundation, Kinesis, Chris T-T, King Adora, The Virgin Suicides, We Can Build You, Impact, AntiHero, Corporation Blend Neo, CosyCosy and KneeHigh

£5 inc

Burn Cambridge Burn
The Khe Sanh Approach

Despite (or perhaps because of) its title, this compilation includes 3 tracks from Bury St Edmunds stunningly original rant'n'reel to reel really nearly super group, The Khe Sanh Approach. One of them is very long. All of them are very good. They are called Bricks, British Theatre 1956-1959 and Crocodile TearGas. Plus there's 3 tracks each from CosyCosy, The Anti Social Burn Outs and The Hope, and a secret one from Bomb Factory. All from Cambridge, and so ready for burning... all this plus some rather incendiary artwork...




Miss Black America bits
Some in very short supply

Sleeve Details Price
Pay with Paypal
Terminal - the second album, on CD
£5 inc  
God Bless Miss Black America Japanese Vinyl version
£5 + £2 P&P
 Sold out - looking for new stock
Drowning By Numbers / Reborn / All I Want Is Out (Ruby Slippers Records)
God Bless Miss Black America - The Debut 11 track album CD
only one or two left
Talk Hard / 5x5 / I Am Not A Virgin vinyl £2.50

only one or two left


Miss Black America / Dogma / Look Ma! Top Of The World very limited vinyl
Infinite Chinese Box / Pub Rock Coma / Scarface very limited vinyl
only one or two left
Miss Black America / Look, Ma! Top of the World! / Dogma CD
Infinite Chinese Box / Pub Rock Coma / Scarface CD £2.50  
Talk Hard / 5x5 / I Am Not A Virgin CD
Drowning By Numbers (split yellow 7" with Cultural Iceage
Just found a few - don't believe the gif..
Beautiful Velocity / All I Want Is Out 7" vinyl £2.50  

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