From Granny's Club to the Albert Hall:
40 years in punk rock

When Rob 'Bones' Jones first got in touch with R*E*P*E*A*T, he sent me a very impressive spread sheet of all the gigs he'd been to. Inspired by this knowledge and enthusiasm, I encouraged him to write for us, an activity which, I like to think, gave him a new lease of life. Since then, he has been a regular contribuitor, a DJ and a continued enthusiast for music new and old.

The lockdown has given him a chance to update his gig list, so that we can share a life in punk which is being well lived. To quote Oscar Wilde, 'Those whom the gods love grow young'.


Common People - In Torquay

One of my friends has been trying to get me to do this 'A B C of bands I've seen' that is making the rounds on Facebook at the moment. I politely declined as, having seen over 400 gigs (and only typing wth one finger), it would take me all of my self isolation to complete!

However, I did take a copy of the spreadsheet I have religiously completed since the early 90's to send to him and thought others might be interested in seeing it. It also highlights my obsession with MSP and S*M*A*S*H in the mid nineties.


Beside the jukebox in San Diego where they shot the bar scene in Top Gun

In downtown Las Vegas ignoring the gaze of a semi clad nun

In the Radio Glamorgan studio