Rocket To Romsey
24 High Explosive Tracks from Cambridgeshire and beyond...

Available as downloads from the usual places, or as limited edition hand made DIY double CDr for £5 inclusive from PO Box 438, Cambridge, CB4 1FX or by paypal with the link below:


Track details

Beverley Kills You Can't Have It All
Words and music Beverley Kills, recorded by Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T, mixed by Marc Rothera

Dirty Cousins Arizona

DoNotResuscitate - Malediction

Four Undercover Kings - Fun
Words and music by Shaun Impey, Will Ritson, Will Johnson, George Wells, Sam Impey

The Great Mistakes - Lies

Johnny Panic - My Imperial Hell
Songs by James/Mannion/Shock/Solly

Rats As Big As Dogs - Stockpile

The Scissors Come With Me

The Spaghetti Faction - Magic Mushroom Chilli Con Carne

Volunteers - Straight edge kids make me wanna binge drink

We Are Godzilla - Kamino

Ten City Nation - Golden Rays

Ten City Nation - Golden Rays
Music: Neil Baldwin/Seymour Quigley/Mike Smith Lyrics: Seymour Quigley/Mike Smith
Produced by Tom Peters & Ten City Nation at Monkey Puzzle Studios Copyright Control 2010

Miss Black America - Beautiful Velocity (unreleased version)
Music: Mathew Anthony/Ryan Banwell/Simon Chapple/Seymour Quigley Lyrics: Seymour Quigley Produced by Gavin Monaghan & Seymour Quigley at The Magic Garden
Mixed by Gavin Monaghan & Andrew Taylor Copyright Control 2004


We Are Godzilla - September's Ghost

Volunteers - Hippy Fascist

The Spaghetti Faction - Wide-Eyed Loco Fan

The Scissors - Phone Calls From the Dead

Rats As Big As Dogs - The Importance of Careful Planning

Johnny Panic - Waiting
Song by James/Mannion/Shock/Solly

The Great Mistakes - Pit of Anger

Four Undercover Kings - Rise Against the Mask
Words and music by Shaun Impey, Will Ritson, Will Johnson, George Wells, Sam Impey

DoNotResuscitate - Make It Rain

Dirty Cousins - Through the trees

Beverley Kills - Walking in the Air
Written by Howard Blake, recorded by Kalem Buckham mastered by The Scarecrow.

Art work by Stewart Harris Designs